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Title:Galaxy Angel A
Galaxy Angel 3
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Notables: KANAI Mika
R1 License - Bandai (Defunct)
The Angel Brigade has been disbanded after a petty argument and Forte, Ranpha, Mint, Vanilla and Milfeulle have all gone their own ways. The outfit which has replaced them, the Twin Star Team, has been enjoying somewhat more success recovering Lost Technology, and to avoid being laid off Colonel Volcott attempts to track down the girls and revive the Brigade. Now that the Angels are back, they are going to have to collect more Lost Technology, save more planets, and rescue more kittens than the Twin Star Team!
[52 TV episodes, 26 named "Galaxy Angel A" and 26 named "Galaxy Angel AA".]
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Rent Forbin [series:1255#1573]
This is as good as Galaxy Angel Z. Galaxy Angel is better but I still laughed at this one. My favorite was Ranpha becoming super rich.

Last updated Monday, September 11 2006. Created Monday, September 11 2006.
Buy Stretch [series:1255#628]
I was hoping that a sort of ongoing plotline would be just the ticket to attain the full potential of this loveable franchise, but after 26 episodes it never really happened. The boys of the Twin Star team play a relatively minor role, and were completely absent from at least half of the episodes. The comedy of Galaxy Angel A initially seemed kind of hit-or-miss to me; for example, in episode three Colonel Volcott is obliged to pose as Milfeulle. My first thought was that this was idiotic, nobody could possibly be fooled, but as one character after another donned costumes it somehow became hilarious. One definite "hit" (and a bullseye at that) comes at the end of episode fifteen, in which the Angels find themselves characters within a fairy tale--if only every episode ended with as good a gag as this one! Another weird episode has the Angels seemingly stranded forever on a remote planet--somehow, the most far-out episodes seem to be the most fun as well. With time the episodes seem to have become more reliably funny. I guess die-hard fans of the Galaxy Angels would say each ten-minute episode is good and some are great, whereas those who aren't particularly thrilled by them would say most episodes are average and a few are good. This is one show I tend to watch dubbed, since the English VAs do a great job, and there aren't all that many Japanese cultural tie-ins to lose (this is silly futuristic sci-fi, after all). An extra on the first disc was four songs from a live-action concert by (I presume) the Japanese VAs--Forte's has a strangely masculine voice! The OP song seems to be that of the original series, except with new lyrics. My Bandai "Complete Collection" set consists of 26 episodes (plus one "Bonus Episode, which goes by the title "Galaxy Angel AA"); I think episodes 27-52 will comprise the "AA" bloc. Anyway, this is a silly, happy-go-lucky sort of show with a cheerful attitude--kawaii, but not to the point of being sickeningly sweet. Buy if you are already an Angel fanatic, otherwise Rent. Either way, switch off your brain and enjoy the antics of the Angel Brigade!

My favorite line: "A nightmare resumes..." --Normad

P.S: Have you noticed that the Angels' costumes have been toned down a bit? Ranpha no longer has the cutouts exposing her belly and upper chest, while Forte's incredible boobs are now completely covered in fabric. I wonder if these changes (made by simply re-coloring certain regions of their bodies) were done only for the R1 release...

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