Makeruna! Makendo

Title:Makeruna! Makendo
Don't Lose, Makendo!
Makeru na! Makendo (Japanese)
負けるな!魔剣道 (Japanese)
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Notables: HIYAMA Nobuyuki
A young man named Kaimyouji Eizan is kidnapped by an evil genius Dr. Mud that modifies Eizans body into a cyborg with super powers. Eizan escapes and teams up with two skilled martial artist sisters named Tsurugino Mai and Tsurugino Hikari to fight monsters like Dr. Mud and save the human world.
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26 minutes.
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Watch Stretch [series:2168#628]
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This was a silly show which basically makes lighthearted fun of the conventions of mecha and magical girl anime. A guy, Makenda has been converted into a powerful cyborg, as usual; except instead of defending humanity from some grave threat, he only wants to find a way to return himself to normal. Likewise a girl, Makendo, has attained magical girl powers, but wants nothing to do with "monster hunting"--it's her little sister who is wildly enthusiastic about the role. It's largely a matter of things going as you would expect in another repetitive series, except here and there they veer wildly off course and humor results. The jokes didn't cut as deeply into anime stereotypes as they might have, but there were some good ones and any attempt to ridicule unoriginality is a relief. This show also features one of the weirdest weapons I've ever seen, which was a joke in itself.

My favorite line: "Seems like they've come to a decision" --Dinosaur

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