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Title Rating Synopsis
Canary--Put This Feeling Into Song Watch See Kanaria--Kono Omoi o Uta ni Nosete

Kanaria--Kono Omoi o Uta ni Nosete
Watch In the present day, a young group of friends is eager for their band to play in an upcoming festival. Unfortunately for them, the stage has been cancelled! Now, they must race against the clock to convince the mayor to let them play their Canary's song... for fame and glory!

Kimagure Orange Road OVA 2
Rent This is the second of two OVAs, both basically the extension from the TV series, providing four additional episodes with side stories; the time frame of these stories is somewhere in the middle of the TV series.

Love Hina
Buy 20 year old ronin, Keitaro Urashima, never had much luck with girls in all his life except when he was young. He still recalls that time in his life yet very faintly. He played with a girl in a sandbox who told him that if two people made it into Tokyo University together, they would be together forever. So, Keitaro and this girl promised that they would both get into Tokyo U. However, the girl moved away and that was the last he saw of her. Now in the present, Keitaro has failed the Tokyo U. entrance exams twice! He decides to stay at his grandmother's inn, Hinata Sou, for awhile so that he can get away from home. However, he did not know that the inn changed to a female dormitory and that's when all the fun starts!

Love Hina Again
Rent Attending Tokyo University together as they promised each other... now that Keitaro and Naru have finally made their dream come true, what is going to happen next? Another Naru punch, of course - only this time 'indestructable' Keitarou is injured severely! With a broken leg he can't attend classes for weeks, and as he's missing the first term anyway, a new dream evolves in his head: Travelling the world together with Seta-san!
Love Hina OVA Rent See Love Hina Again

Onegai Teacher
Rent Kusanagi Kei is a boy with a rare disease that is known only to him. He goes into long periods of unconsiousness that cause him to "lose time." So even though he is actually 18, physically, he is only 15 and a 1st-year high school student. No one but his doctor uncle (and aunt) know this secret, who are also his guardians. One evening while relaxing on the lake shore, he witnesses a UFO land. He sees a beautiful female alien and immediately flees the scene. The next day, Kei's class is a buzz with the arrival of a new teacher. To Kei's surprise, it is the female alien. The two talk in private and share their secrets. However, circumstances quickly force Kei-kun and Mizuho-sensei to get married or their secrets be revealed.

Onegai Teacher (OAV)
Watch Mizuho's mother and sister drop in for another visit. Mizuho is troubled greatly by this visit, but it seems that mother and sister have a scheme in store involving Kei. Can Mizuho stop it in time?
Onegai Teacher OAV Watch See Onegai Teacher (OAV)
Please Teacher Rent See Onegai Teacher
Please Teacher (OAV) Watch See Onegai Teacher (OAV)
Please! Teacher Rent See Onegai Teacher

Tokyo Godfathers
Buy During Christmas Eve in Tokyo, three homeless people- drunkard Gin, okama Hana, and runaway Miyuki- come across an abandoned baby. Naming the baby Kiyoko, the three try to locate the baby's parents.
おねがい☆ティーチャー Rent See Onegai Teacher
おねがい☆ティーチャー (OAV) Watch See Onegai Teacher (OAV)
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