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Notables: R1 License - Manga Entertainment
At a future time in the city of Shijuku, a series of strange murders befuddle the police. The victims were attacked in a public place and their bodies were drained of their fluids and are badly desiccated. But just out of sight of everyone, a strange battle goes on. The previous Karas has gone renegade and begins to take revenge on those he used to protect. A new Karas, the guardian of the town, has been chosen and the battle between them has begun.

Six OVA episodes (~24min each)
Produced by Tatsunoko Production

R1 License by Manga Entertainment

1:33min English Language Trailer - ANN (high res) Video
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Rent 10 10 8 7 6 6 Ggultra2764 [series:1087#1552]
(Rent-/ Watch+)

This OAV series is somewhat of a mess by the time you get into its second half and just barely evades a Watch rating from me since it chose to go into more detail on its elements and major characters which it didn't address throughout the first half. Ultimately though, the series turns into a typical "shallow baddie out to wreck havoc with the hero needing to gain the power needed to defeat him" storyline. Any kind of message the show tries to convey is ultimately shot down because of this not-so-original plot element. The first half is a monster-of-the episode plot featuring Otoha slaying a random foe and the series tosses out a couple deus ex machinas in the later episodes just when it appeared Eko was about to have his way with things. I will admit the series was quite impressive in the visuals department sporting very impressive CG renderings of city environments with fluid and intense battle scenes with Karas battles as they engage one another in sword fights and even transform into fighter jets. However, the visual presentation can't hold together what is otherwise a formulaic romp of plot developments that I've seen one too many times with action anime titles.

Last updated Tuesday, March 29 2011. Created Tuesday, March 29 2011.
Buy 10 9 9 10 9 9 chibi [series:1087#2380]
Wow, this scores almost perfect in everything: Artwork, music, action, character design. A very super-hero type story line, reminiscent of American comic books, with a bit of mecha thrown in. Karas also has that typical Japanese complication and mysticism that you likely will need two viewings to unravel, but I don't think you'll mind, it's only six episodes and it is such a treat for the senses. I could have done with a touch more relationship and warmth between the characters, but I have no reservations about recommending this series. Check out the extensive Wikipedia entry for more story and production background.

Last updated Tuesday, March 25 2008. Created Tuesday, March 25 2008.
Buy 10 10 9 9 9 9 dirtyd12 [series:1087#1785]
YES!!! Amazing! I've seen 3 episodes so far, (because the other 3 haven't come out yet)and Karas is one of my favorite. fascinating and thought-provoking come to mind when I watched it for the first time. Not to mention the art and animation which exceed any I've ever seen in an anime. A+++ There will be 6 episodes total. I wish the other 3 would come out soon. But don't let that stop you from buying this one. It's a keeper.

Last updated Wednesday, February 14 2007. Created Wednesday, February 14 2007.
Unevaluated Jan-Chan [series:1087#967]
(June 15th, 2005)

The first episode is WOW!! Opening with the two Karas locked in a ten-minute battle in which they soar like combat aircraft, only to transform into armored samurai knights, this series relies on a LOT of beautiful and complicated computer-generated images. And then the story shifts to a police detective investigating the multiple murders in a public restroom. A lot of great scenes, a lot of strangeness, nothing explained clearly, but enough to make me look forward to the next episode.

(November 15th, 2005)

This series is will be released as a six episode OVA (two episodes per DVD).

2005-05-28 (Japanese DVD Volume 1 Release)
2005-10-29 (Japanese DVD Volume 2 Release)
2005-11-26 (Japanese DVD Volume 3 Release)

Last updated Monday, November 14 2005. Created Sunday, June 12 2005.

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