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Title Rating Synopsis
Attack on Titan Rent See Shingeki no Kyojin
Attack on Titan 2nd Season Unevaluated See Shingeki no Kyojin 2nd Season
Attack on Titan Specials Unevaluated See Shingeki no Kyojin Specials
Attack on Titan: Junior High Unevaluated See Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou

Dekiru Neko wa Kyou mo Yuutsu
Unevaluated Single office worker Saku Fukuzawa once brought home an abandoned black kitten that was at risk of freezing to death amid a winter storm. But 'Yukichi' has become no ordinary cat: he is as big as a bear and as intelligent as a human (though he does not speak). He acts as Fukuzawa's housekeeper, cooking and cleaning for her and keeping her in line.

Devils' Line
Watch Tsukasa, a college student, is rescued from an attack by a devil, one of many vampires that can blend in among the human population. Anzai, her savior, is a half-devil who exploits his supernatural gifts as a member of a shadowy police task force that specializes in devil-related crime in Tokyo. As Anzai continues to keep guard over Tsukasa, the two quickly forge a tentative bond—one that Anzai fears will test his iron-clad rule of never drinking human blood.
Doctor Elise Unevaluated See Gekai Elise
Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady with the Lamp Unevaluated See Gekai Elise

Gekai Elise
Unevaluated Aoi Takamoto is known as 'The Surgeon Queen' at Toutei University Hospital. She has never performed an operation which failed, and dutifully keeps up to date on all the latest surgical techniques. She has spent her entire life achieving this despite being an orphan. The cost has been a loveless and largely friendless life. Her secret is that she sees her career as penance for sins she committed in a past life and still remembers. She was once Elise de Clorence, Empress of Britia. But she was blamed for her father and brother's deaths and was overthrown and burned at the stake. After being critically injured in a plane crash, Takamoto wishes she could be reunited with her old family from those days, including her older brothers Ren and Chris. And, lo and behold, her wish is granted. She is resurrected as Elise once more, and vows to do nothing but good this time.

Hakozume: Kōban Joshi no Gyakushū
Unevaluated Rookie policewoman Mai Kawai is ready to quit the force. The work is hard and low ranking officers like herself are often viewed with contempt. Then her new instructor, Sergeant Fuji, arrives and Mai is immediately struck by the beauty of this fellow policewoman. The word is that she is very good at her job, but also that she was transferred as a result of bullying her former junior officer.

Kami-sama ni Natta Hi
Watch Narukami Youta was practicing basketball when a strangely dressed girl came along and declared herself to be an 'omniscient God', Lady Odin. She really does seem to have an ability to foretell the future--but not all of the events she predicts will happen are good ones.

Koori Zokusei Danshi to Cool na Douryou Joshi
Unevaluated Fuyutsuki-san was considered stoic and unflappable in school, and she suspects that she is a good deal less emotional than the average person. While on her way to her first day at her first job she runs into a strange person: a man who literally generates freezing cold whenever he becomes nervous or excited. This is Himuro-kun, who explains that he's the descendant of a 'snow-woman'. Not surprisingly, he also turns out to be a coworker at her new job.

NieR:Automata Ver 1.1a
Unevaluated In the distant future, 5012. The sudden aerial invasion of Earth by Aliens and their creations Machine Lifeforms led mankind to the brink of extinction. The surviving number of humans took refuge on the moon to organize a counterattack using android soldiers to recapture Earth. However, the war reaches a stalemate as the Machine Lifeforms continue to multiply infinitely. In turn, humanity deploys a new unit of android soldiers as an ultimate weapon: YoRHa. Newly dispatched to Earth 2B joins 9S, the analyst currently stationed there, where amid their mission, they encounter a myriad of mysterious phenomena.
Police in a Pod Unevaluated See Hakozume: Kōban Joshi no Gyakushū

Qualidea Code
Unevaluated For years, Earth has been under attack by the 'Unknown' a not very well understood alien force. In response, a system known as 'World' has been created which enables teenage warriors to employ magic-like powers. The skills and effectiveness of World users and the units they belong to are constantly reevaluated, and competition to excel is fierce.
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