Slice of Life Titles

Slice of Life: (Story/Location) A (more or less) realistic description or representation of events and situations in everyday life.

Title Rating Synopsis
繰繰れ!コックリさん (Japanese) Unevaluated See Gugure! Kokkuri-san
美鳥の日々 Rent See Midori no Hibi
耳をすませば (Japanese) Buy See Mimi wo Sumaseba
舟を編む Rent See Fune wo Amu
花とアリス殺人事件 Buy See Hana to Alice Satsujin Jiken
花咲くいろは (Japanese) Buy See Hana-Saku Iroha
花圈圈幼稚園 (Chinese (Taiwan)) Watch See Hanamaru Kindergarten
藍より青し~縁~ Rent See Ai Yori Aoshi ~Enishi~
虹色デイズ Watch See Nijiiro Days
西洋骨董洋菓子店 ~アンティーク~ Rent See Antique Bakery
覆面系ノイズ Watch See Fukumenkei Noise
謎の彼女X Buy See Nazo no Kanojo X
謎の彼女X OVA Rent See Nazo no Kanojo X: Nazo no Natsu Matsuri
貧乏姉妹物語 Buy See Binbou Shimai Monogatari
赤ちゃんと僕 Unevaluated See Akachan to Boku
Action(18) Action Comedy(4) Adventure(17) Comedy(197)
Drama(117) Horror(1) Mystery(6) Parody(14)
Romance(108) Romantic Comedy(50) Suspense(3) Tragedy(13)
Fantasy(36) Historical(6) Modern(236) Sci-Fi(22)
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Seinen(69) Shoujo(17) Shounen(17)
Acquired Taste(25) Artistic(8) Classic(3) Creepy(3)
Dark(7) Fragmentary(3) Kawaii(9) Korean Wave(1)
Moe(13) Silly-funny(14) Surreal(10) Weird(11)
Characters and Their Abilities
Animals(4) Artificial Girls(6) Bishounen(1) Deities(2)
Gender-Bender(3) Kemonomimi(2) Mahou Shoujo(3) Superhero(1)
Story Elements and Location
College(9) Coming of Age(50) Competition(7) Depression(19)
Elementary School(9) Family Affairs(17) Fighting(6) Friendship(33)
Harem(17) High School(105) Magic(11) Martial Arts(4)
Mecha(2) Middle School(14) Music(18) Music Oriented(6)
Occult(3) Otaku Theme(22) Police(4) Psychics(5)
School Comedy(15) Soul Mates(3) Spiritual(5) Sports(15)
Supernatural(22) Swordplay(3) Time Travel(2) Underworld(1)
Anime-Manga Bundle(5) Anthology(1) Comedy Fantasy(1) Cooking(5)
Dating Sim Spinoff(16) Gun-action(1) Idol theme(5) Live Action(2)
Maid Theme(1) noitaminA(7) Prequel(1) Reboot(7)
Sequel(27) Shoujo Ai(3) Spinoff(3) Video-game inspired(16)
Bondage(1) Ecchi(18) Erotic Comedy(4) Fan Service(52)
Hentai(3) Incest(6) Lolicon(4) Pantsu(10)
Pervert(7) Softcore(5) Stalking(2) Violent(3)
Movie(18) Omake(3) ONA(2) OVA(40)
Short(30) TV(230) TV Special(4)
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