Yuruyuri San Hai!

Title:Yuruyuri San Hai!
ゆるゆり さん はい!
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Notables: MIKAMI Shiori
TSUDA Minami

A sequel to Yuruyuri and Yuruyuri♪♪.

12 episodes

('San Hai' means 'Ready, Go')
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My imperfect memory of the last season of Yuruyuri, around three years ago, was that it dragged a little and was sometimes a chore to watch. I was pleasantly surprised, therefore, when episode one of San Hai was fun to watch and had a number of LOL moments. In the first half the girls distract themselves from oppressive heat by playing the King Game, in which by drawing straws one player is chosen to issue a command to another random player who must carry it out, whatever it is. The second and third acts were more modestly amusing, like I remembered. But I like the goofy tone of this show about these likeable girls who aren't being used for fanservice like most anime girls. After One Punch Man, his time-tested sequel was only the second show to come along this season which I could be confident I would be watching to the end.

Maybe it's my imagination, but I've been rewatching some first season episodes of YuruYuri and I get a slight impression that the latest ones have less spunk, and are slightly less funny than the show used to be. Maybe the manga author is running out of fresh ideas; or maybe I am just getting a little tired of the same premise. But the downgrade is minor, and I still watch YuruYuri whenever new episodes become available, or, as I just mentioned, watch reruns when they aren't. The yuri (lesbian) angle is very slight and is played for laughs and therefore doesn't offend me in the least. And, for all I know, maybe in Japan girls feeling this way about each other is perfectly normal. It's a sign of the basic quality to this show that I kept searching for the episodes I hadn't seen when the original fansubbers quit, and finally watched them in February 2017. The final episode had a distinctly sentimental feel to it--I felt sorry to see these girls go, because they were always fun (sometimes more than others), and had enough personality for me to care about them, even if they were usually doing goofy and silly things. There are enough fresh ideas to keep me from becoming bored, even if I sometimes might not want to watch more than half an episode of this stuff at a time. I hope there will eventually be another incarnation of YuruYuri.

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