Heya Camp

Title:Heya Camp
Room Camp
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Notables: Animation - C-Station
HARA Sayuri
Further adventures of the girls of the camping club, Rin, Aoi, Ena, Chiaki and Nadeshiko.

A sequel to Yurucamp

12 episodes
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:3793#628]
(Three episodes watched):

When I first saw the title of this new Winter 2020 anime, and in particular the English word 'camp' within it's title, I wondered if it would be similar to Yurucamp. It was not only similar to that show, it was a sequel to it. One possible difference is that while I may be mistaken, I recall the episodes of Yurucamp were around twelve minutes long while these are a mere three. What does 'room' camping mean as opposed to 'laid-back' camping? The girls go on a 'stamp tour' in which they bicycle to various attractions--like the Mt. Fuji visitors center--and get a special stamp placed on a card they carry. The funny thing is, I can't help wondering if these girls are really the same ones as from the original series. They never seem to disagree or have different attitudes about things, they just goof around. The character, who used to strongly prefer to camp alone, seems to have been discarded and this sequel is about the supporting characters. I sort of get the feeling that whoever wrote the dialogue for Heya Camp is a different person than the writer for the original series; and this person was just told to take these characters and do what he/she wanted to with them, and there didn't even have to be any actual outdoor camping, as long as a short anime resulted. I eventually tired of all the small talk and weak jokes without a plot, and quit watching. It's not my duty to watch just because Yurucamp was OK.

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