Laid-back Camp
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Notables: HANAMORI Yumiri
HARA Sayuri
Rin is an experienced camper who especially prizes the solitude that she enjoys during the off-season. One day, at a lake near Mt. Fuji, she encounters a somewhat less experienced camper, Nadeshiko. They realize that they'll be attending the same school and the idea of a camping club comes together.

12 episodes
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Yurucamp struck me as a laid-back show about laid-back camping. The jokes weren't uproariously funny, but the characters were fun and likeable and I learned a little about how to (and how not to) camp. The chemistry between the outgoing Nadeshiko and the in-going Rin was fun. I was curious about how this camping club project would work out. One might think that an anime about camping would easily be boring but, while in the long run it started to do that, this show largely held my interest and as a result I didn't mind watching more. The show has a silly, fun tone to it. I remained curious about camping (and, in particular, how it is done in Japan) and also about the ambition of the characters. Over time, however, I got a little tired of all the cooking tips and selfies taken at marvelous landscapes. This show is so laid back that there doesn't seem to be much of an ongoing plot, and the humor is more of the smile sort than the LOL one. Presumably, over time the loner camper Rin will come to enjoy camping with the outdoor activities club (since she's standing side-by-side with them in the image above). But I was not exactly fascinated by the process, since nobody has a particularly deep personality. In order to stay fairly interesting the show seems to rely to a good extent on the things it teaches us about the technology of 21st century camping, and in particular what camping is like in Japan. Things like how mountain roads might be closed during the winter. I had no idea that there was any interest in camping at all over there, and as a result was curious. But the plot drags along as a slice-of-not-all-that-interesting-lives sort of show. The characters never really got deep enough for me to be moved by the final episode. Yurucamp seemed like a show which demanded little from its viewers and in return delivered relatively little to them. It was basically a comedy rather than a show trying to teach us any sort of lesson. But it must have had something going for it, since I watched it all the way to the end.

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