Trava - Fist Planet OVA

Title:Trava - Fist Planet OVA
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Notables: Animation - Madhouse
Animation - Studio 4°C
Trava, and his mechanic Shinkai are off to survey 'area 78' on some long forgotten planet. The pay is too good for such a simple job, so they are wondering if they were some how set up. Along the way, they recover a drifting life pod containing Mikuru, a brain wiped survivor of a past war. What kind of trouble could two healthy bachelors and a cute lady get into on abandoned planet? Probably lots!!!

4 OVA episodes (each 15 minutes)
Produced by Studio 4°C & MADHOUSE
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Unevaluated Jan-Chan [series:991#967]
Why does this remind me of trying to watch FLCL on those funny mushrooms? Perhaps the dark side of a Cowboy Bebop episode ....gone very wrong? This series is just weird, comically strange, flipping bizarre, and also very-very-funny.

Trava is a strange big-eared cat-boy ex-military pilot and his partner is a fish-faced-lizard creature are a pilot, crew & spaceship for hire team. And if you pay them enough, they will probably do anything you want. In between missions, they both somehow manage to pass the time by punching and dissing each like a pair of miss-matched brothers. They spend so much time fighting, one wonders when they have time to fight off the intelligent bug killing machines that are out the get them.

If you are into strange anime, then you will HAVE to chase this series down. I posted some screen snaps in the episode summary.

(Later comment - Studio 4°C is really putting out some wild and surreal anime series. If you like weird, then you should check out some of their releases.)

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