Suki na Mono wa Suki Dakara Shouganai!!

Title:Suki na Mono wa Suki Dakara Shouganai!!
I Like what I Like so There!!
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Notables: Animation - Zexcs
R1 License - Media Blasters
R1 License - Subtitled Only
Hashiba Sora has been in hospital since he fell from the school building. When he comes back to the boarding house, his childhood friend Fujimori Sunao transfers to the school. By the good office of Honjo Matsuri, who is the leader of the boarding house and their childhood friend, Sora and Sunao are assigned the same room. However, because Sora doesn't remember Suano, Sunao gets angry. Then, Matsuri tells him that Sora has lost his memory, as the story goes on Sora begins to remember pieces of his horrible lost memories.

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Based on a popular BL (Boys Love) game by Platinum Label.
Animation by Zexcs.
R1 licensed by Media Blasters/AnimeWorks.
12 TV Episodes (+ one OVA ep & two specials)
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Watch 8 8 8 0 0 10 kay marie [series:952#3347]
The second best bl anime i had come across, this series is approximate 12 episodes, (and one ova) each episode runs 30 mins and can be found subbed in english , the manga series is i believe only one volume, because this series has a plot and a climax and a ending, what i liked about this particular series is that is consist of alot of comic relief , its a suspense, and mystery along with a cute little love story, this is going to be a challenge to explain without being a spoiler. their are so many elements to explain but ill give this a shot,^_^ The main character sora ,took a nasty fall out of the 4th story of his boarding school, which happened prior to the story,and with this fall his lost some very KEY memories (that are uncovered in the series ) the young man suano who is the second major character and soras roommate, claims to be soras best friend (and acts as though he was more =^_^=, sora of course has no memory of this friendship, his memory comes back in faint flashes, and these memory’s lead him to believe he is some kind of powerfull hero, what they both aren’t aware of is that deep back in their youth the two roommates developed split personalities, youru and ran, who are deeply in love, which leads to some humorous situations =]. even though this creeps out the two friends they begin to fall in love slowly , finding out some shocking memories of the past, and realizing they may be the worst of enemies.

some down falls of this series is, their are no female characters present except for one, but this kind of adds a played out scene, the all boys school cliche, other than that everything is well. although many people dislike the plot line, because is seems , un real or outta this realm, i personally think that anime, is a place to use imagination, lots of anime consist of magic and weird stuff, so if you wouldn’t mind some things not making sense here but makes sense in the anime, than you should give it a shot. this series shounen -aI with once again very mild limited sexual content, its more than a love stroy is has a mystery and shock value, and a plot that in my opinion was not a fail like so many others, the art was done well ,as well XD

i would recommend this to anyone who wants some comedy love, and suspsense and shock on the side =] my rating 8/10

Last updated Monday, March 28 2011. Created Monday, March 28 2011.
Rent 7 7 8 7 8 7 lucy-san [series:952#2510]
ok, now i'm not really a yaoi fan, but i gotta say this series is quite interesting. I enjoyed it very much.

I thought the bond between sunao and sora was very sweet, they care for each other even though it's been years since they've seen each other and also because of Sora's memory loss.

I watched this series quite long ago so i don't really remember why sora fell out of the window (or was it even mentioned). I reckon that the animators should of extended on the relationship of yoru and ran.

The storyline was abit slow.It wasn't until the very end of the series that we learn the truth about sora and sunao's past.

The good thing about this series is that it has humour to balance out the dramatic story. I especially like Matsuri and how he says 'good morning!' when entering the room. and also the jobs he would make sora and sunao do.

The thing that disturbed me abit was the kissing and touching scenes. But overall, this series is worth watching. I was not dissapointed with it at all. It's certainly very different compared to other series.

Last updated Saturday, April 14 2007. Created Saturday, April 14 2007.
Buy 8 9 9 7 6 7 Ahiru-san [series:952#1806]
Well, this anime series was quite enjoyable for me ^^ hehehe it is, as Jan-Chan said, up on fan-subs. It has 12 episodes.

This anime, Sukisyo, actually has more happening than the summary says.

I really liked the characters and their personalities, I especially like the relationship of Yoru and Ran, they are really cute ^__^

Yoru and Ran seem to be another beings living in Sora and Sunao's bodies,(i dunno why, but i was reminded of Yu-Gi-Oh) I don't want to spoil this for anyone, so i'll just say they have something to do with Sora and Sunao's past.

I feel that this anime's plot took a bit of time to develop so i was slightly disappointed, for they could have expanded on the developing realtionship of Sora and Sunao, let us know a bit more about their past and probably tell us a little more about Yoru and Ran, because after watching this anime I was thinking: "they should make this anime longer or added more eps if they had this much going on".

Overall, I found this anime really good and I would recommend it to any shounen-ai or Yaoi fan, Everyone is male, Ummm actually Nanami Kai, the "nurse" at the clinic is a guy too ^^;;; so all of them are guys. (i dunno why you should be suprised, i was just letting you know since u probably didnt know in the first place, oh well whatever floats your boat)

I would give this anime a 89% over 100%

Last updated Tuesday, October 11 2005. Created Thursday, July 07 2005.
Unevaluated Jan-Chan [series:952#967]
My only comment is OMG !!! Is this series ever a serious boy-on-boy-flirt! (and I thought Here is Greenwood was a bit too much, but it is nothing compared to Sukisyo!) The only 'female' in this series is the (male)nurse at an all boys high school, where the boys probably have to buy conditioner by the gallon for their a**-hummmm- waist length hair. Some of the students almost swish when they walk by, but I am certain that it must be my imagination.

But why should I be surprised? After all, this is an anime series from a game called < Boys Love >

Last updated Monday, April 27 2009. Created Tuesday, February 01 2005.

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