Gokusen (Live Action)

Title:Gokusen (Live Action)
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Gokusen tells a story about the young rookie teacher Yamaguchi Kumiko who is brave enough to accept as her first teaching assignment a position at the toughest high school in the district. While appearing to be very young and cute, she has to hide the fact that she is the daughter of a Yukusa leader, and that all of her brothers are active members in the Yukusa. But it is her family background that helps her to deal with the problems that occur at school in her own special way...

This is both a live-action series and an anime series.

Produced by VAP / Nippon TV Network
2004 TV release with 13 (animated) episodes

This series was also released as a live action series:
Gokusen 1 (2004, 10 TV episodes +1 special, ~28min)
Gokusen 2 (2005, 10 TV episodes +1 special, ~28min)
Gokusen 3 (2008)

The Japanese live-action TV-drama series is viewable (subtitled/streaming) at Mysoju.
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Buy 7 7 7 6 8 8 Ggultra2764 [series:945#1552]
Note: My thoughts in this review are based on the anime series.

This was a fun romp. I guess the closest thing you can compare Gokusen to would be Great Teacher Onizuka considering both have a lead character with a questionable background and are trying to whip their troublemaking students to behave properly with tough love. However unlike Onizuka, our lead Kumiko is more intelligent and is trying to keep her yakuza roots secret from the school. This series is more comedy-driven with its focus on Kumiko with the gags focused on how she keeps her students in line, tries hiding her yakuza connections and her interactions with her group. Still, it has its serious moments featuring developments and depth with some of the show's characters and some issues focused on similar to GTO such as bullying, suicide, overbearing parents and ignorance of school officials. The series isn't as expansive in focusing on Kumiko's efforts as GTO was, but Gokusen is still a fun romp if you're a fan of school comedies.

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Rent Jan-Chan [series:945#967]
I don’t know if this live-action series should rightly be included in an anime review site, but my take is that as this series does have strong roots in the manga market, and as all the characters appear as over-exaggerated and over-dramatic, and are very animated (sic! Word play!), it has a right to be posted and reviewed here.

Ok .. I know that someone is going to ask what is live-action? It is a type of TV series (with actors rather than animated characters) that is based on manga series. There are various manga based series that appear not only as anime, but also as live-action series, such as Peach-Girl and Cute-Honey. To over simplify (shutter!! Please forgive me!!), the western equivalent might be compared to how Spiderman is a live-action movie based on the comic book.

I have watched the series once, and I really enjoyed it, so I will give it a (rent) rating. I might be inclined to upgrade to a (buy) after a second watch and bit more thought, but it is very interesting and fun to watch.

I am also following along with another Korean live-action action series called (The_Nine-tailed_Fox_-_A_Supplementary_Tale) which tells a story of magic and mystical martial arts in a police drama setting, based on eastern mythological and folklore. (Any Naruto fans should understand the referance immediately!!)


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Offical Series Web Site http://www.ntv.co.jp/a-gokusen/

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