Blue Gender: The Warrior

Title:Blue Gender: The Warrior
Blue Gender - Movie
ブルージェンダー ザ・ウォリアー
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Notables: Animation - AIC Spirits
R1 License - FUNimation

It is the year 2031 and an insectoid race known as the Blue have taken over Earth. Yuji Kaido has been awakened from hibernation after being put there some 22 years earlier due to a disease he had. Yuji joins the Sleeper Recovery Team to try to take the planet back. Can Marlene, the female soldier who was charged with bringing him to 2nd Earth, save Yuji? Will he be able to save her?

[90min movie, R1 License by FUNimation, this is a remake of the TV series called Blue Gender.]

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Rent 8 9 7 8 7 AstroNerdBoy [series:803#436]

As remakes go, this one isn't bad. Having seen Blue Gender a few times, it was tempting to just speed through the first half of the movie. It pretty closely follows the original TV series, but at an accelerated pace. There were a few interesting changes though, so don't just spin through.

The 2nd-half of the movie is where the majority of the changes from the original series lay. I won't spoil them, but the ending of the movie is different from the TV series. Gone also is the subplot with the members of the Sleeper Unit as there's not time to get into that. Gone too is the rampent sexual content of the TV series. For me, this was a good thing to lose.

As with all movie remakes of a TV series, a lot more is lost than sub-stories and sub-characters. The romance between Yuji and Marlene doesn't have the time to gel that it did in the TV series. In fact, after what went down between them as they flee Korea, one wonders how they fell in love at all. I know they are supposed to fall in love and in some ways, it is believable, but in other ways, it was difficult to swallow. Still, it could have been worse.

Bottom line: no sex an no preaching make the movie a bit better than the TV series, but the compression of so much story into an hour and thirty-minutes negates that advantage. Still, it is worth a rent.

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