Happy World!

Title:Happy World!
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Notables: HANAMURA Satomi
YABE Masashi

Oomura Takeshi is a high school boy suddenly filled with misfortune. His apartment has burned down, he's lost all of his possessions, and everything that can go wrong in his life is going wrong. After an electrical transformer falls off a nearby poll and nearly kills him, the angel Elle comes and saves him. She explains that his estranged father is the one who placed this "curse" upon Takeshi. Now she must stay by his side in order to counter the curse and to do this, she adopts the form of a human girl and Takeshi's step sister. Living with Takeshi's aunt Sanae-san, and perverted female cousin Motoko, Elle must learn the ups and downs of life as a human and Takeshi must learn to bear his curse. What does the future have in store for them?

[3 OAV episodes.]

OverallArtAnimationCharacter Design MusicSeries StoryEpisode StoryReviewer
Watch 8 8 7 8 8 8 Dreamer [series:793#2279]
At only 3 episodes, there's not a lot in terms of story telling, but what there was turned out to be pretty enjoyable and charming.

Art, Animation & Character Designs
The art and animation wasn't too bad. It was about on par with most other anime. The character designs on the other hand seemed slightly below par. Well, at least our angel Elle was sorta charming and "Ero-sis" (Takeshi's sis), was cute too.

The OP wasn't too bad. It had female vocals, a light pop piece. The music throughout the series was light "whistling" and piano pieces. Not too bad. The ED was great!! I loved it. It was a piece that seemed like something from the 60's with the "shoobop" sound and all. I can't say I've heard a piece like this in any anime.

Series and Episode Story
As mentioned earlier, there isn't much to speak of in this series. It was just too short to really make anything out of the plot. There were elements of humor, some charming moments and a hint of drama. I thought it was interesting where Elle became human and was experiencing "walking" for the first time, or felt water for the first time. One would think this is how it might be if angels did exist and did become human for the first time. This gave the series a wee-bit of realism.... and I'm sorta stretching it.

Overall, it's a charming story loosely on the lines of "Ah My Goddess". There's not much to speak of but it was good nevertheless.

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Rent 9 9 8 8 7 7 AstroNerdBoy [series:793#436]

At only three episodes, it really is difficult for a series to do much. Taking elements from shows like Oh My Goddess (Elle is like Belldandy) and Tenchi Muyo! GXP (Takeshi is like Seina), Happy World! tries to be a comedy and a drama. On the comedy front, the series works pretty well. I got a few good laughs from Takeshi's early bad luck (the dog scene had me rolling) and from Sanae-san's chop attack to shut people up.

The show fails on the drama side. The attempt to make some emotional connection with Takeshi by showng what a rotten father he had didn't really work for me. Then in episode three, we are shown one of Takeshi's undersized female classmates (Kusakabe) and her troubles. It felt too contrived to be effective and the outcome was predictable and done way to many times. Had there been more episodes, maybe this could have been explored more and been more effective.

Finally there's Takeshi. If you saw OMG, Keiichi appreciated his "gift from the heavens" (Belldandy). Takeshi doesn't appreciate Elle that much. He's often abusing her either verbally or physically. Granted he does do some nice things for her too, but on the whole it annoyed me that he'd treat a beautiful angel that poorly.

Bottom line: too short to do much, and the drama is forced. Takeshi's abuse of Elle is annoying. That aside, there are enough laughs in here to make it worth a rent.

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