Kurenai no Buta

Title:Kurenai no Buta
Crimson Pig
Porco Rosso
紅の豚 (Japanese)
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Notables: Animation - Studio Ghibli
R1 License - GKIDS
In southern Europe during the 1920's, in the wake of WW-1, the spirit of adventure was still alive. In this story, adventure and romance exist in the hearts of the pilots of the bi-winged seaplanes that traverse and fly between the various islands of the Mediterranean sea. Porco Rosso, a short expert pilot (who happens to be a pig), flys a single engine red seaplane through many adventures, and ends up being paired up with a young female mechanic, FIO, who shows her loyalty and expertise in managing to keep his plane flying.

93min Movie.
The 17th movie from Hayao Miyazaki.

1992 Winner of the Mainichi Award.

3+min Japanese Movie Trailer - YouTube Video
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Buy 9 9 8 9 10 Ggultra2764 [series:783#1552]
Here's another engaging movie from Hayao Miyazaki and the folks at Studio Ghibli. The premise is different from what I've seen from Miyazaki films I'm used to seeing as there is historical significance to the film. Porco Rosso takes place long after World War I in Italy just as the rise of Fascism comes about. This is evident with the plane dogfights and nightclub scene with Gina's attire. The tensions of the period are even reflected through Porco's lifestyle and beliefs making for great depth on the guy's character. Even those whom Porco encounters like rival Curtis, former lover Gina, and young plane mechanic Fio get their own depth and personality in this movie. But mainly, Porco Rosso's focus is on Porco regaining his faith in humanity from the disgust he has for the rise of Fascism.

Before you think this movie has elements of film noir, think again. At heart, the film's also an adventure comedy as Porco crosses air pirates, his rival, and even the Italian air force in funny ways. The beginning of the movie showing Porco's rescue of grade school children being kidnapped by air pirates makes this adventure comedy aspect show its stuff.

This is a deep and fun adventure title to check out as it has many of the common elements found in Hayao Miyazaki and Ghibli films with a historical premise added on to make things more interesting.

Last updated Saturday, January 17 2009. Created Saturday, January 17 2009.
Buy 10 10 10 10 10 Violet D [series:783#1393]
Myazaki does another excellent animated feature. They had a special on Myazaki films and I taped them while I watched. Porko Roso is another good one and a must see. Again when you watch his films you forget where you are and let your imagiation fly.

Last updated Saturday, March 04 2006. Created Saturday, March 04 2006.
Buy Forbin [series:783#1573]
Anime Type
DramaLow/MedMostly it's a day to day kind of anime
ComedyLowIncidental, typical of a Ghibli
ActionMedPlanes dogfighting and lots of guns
SciFiMedYou learn a LOT about planes
EcchiNoneLol this is Ghibli! Everyone wears bloomers.
Thanks Jan-Chan!

This one was a hidden treasure! At first I was about to put it down and mark it a rent but then I decided to follow it through. And it just kept getting better and better. The ending was a bit open ended but that's also a Ghibli trademark!

Note : This is the first Ghibli aimed at a pure adult audience. I wonder where Grave of the Fireflies sits?

It's good but I consider Whisper of the Heart and Kiki's Delivery Service to be his best.

Last updated Tuesday, January 17 2006. Created Tuesday, January 17 2006.
Buy 9 9 9 8 8 9 Jan-Chan [series:783#967]
Wow why has this anime movie not been posted long before? I have only seen it once, with subtitles, and now it is going to be released by Disney in August 2004 as an English language dub. You may have not heard of this anime, but it is from the same director and anime team that released SPIRITED AWAY (2003 Oscar anime winner,) CASTLE IN THE SKY and also NAUSICAA, which are all in the MUST SEE category of anime.
This is a grand adventure of pilots and airplanes, of adventure and romance which will win most any heart. This is a story of a Porco, a pig of a pilot of a red bi-winged seaplane who fights against Mussolinis fascist government by accepting contracts to fly goods and people between the various islands in the Mediterranean Sea. This prince of a pig manages to save a gaggle of 10-year old school girls from a sea-borne kidnapping by seaplane pirates, as he is flying one of his errands. During his adventures, his plane becomes seriously damaged, and he has to sneak back into Italy to have his plane repaired, and as a condition of the repair, he has to accept FIO, a young 14-year-old genius aeronautic mechanic, as a companion in the 2nd seat of his biplane.
This story has it all .. Seaplane pirates, race scenes, romance, and it ends in a big battle in which Porco has to face off and defeat an upstart American sea-plane pilot to preserve the collective honor of the sea-plane pilots who are brave enough to fly the Mediterranean Sea.
This anime movie is good.. this anime movie is GREAT .. you will have to see this for yourself to decide if you agree with me, (but pls make all efforts to see this. Because it is really good, great?)
The Disney release will have the following voices for the dub over.
Michael Keaton as Porco
Cary Elwes as Donald Curtis
Kimberly Williams-Paisley as Fio
Susan Egan as Gina
Brad Garrett as Mamma Aiuto Boss
David Ogden Stiers as Piccolo

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