Dirty Pair: Affair of Nolandia (OAV)

Title:Dirty Pair: Affair of Nolandia (OAV)
Original Dirty Pair Affair of Nolandia (OAV)
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Notables: FUJITA Toshiko
GINGA Banjou
HAN Keiko
IKEDA Masaru

After a mysterious crash of a space plane, Kei and Yuri have been to assigned to protect a young girl named Missiny (Missnie). When the arrive at the planet Nolandia, they find that the girl is already missing. Deciding to get to the bottom of her disappearance, the pair find themselves on the planet's bizarre forest, where many strange creatures live including unicorns and floating jellyfish. But when mecha forces arrive to find the girl for themselves, Kei and Yuri are running out of time. Complicating matters are the strange illusisions they keep having. What happened to Missiny? Why is she so special? What is the secret of Nolandia?

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Watch 6 5 6 5 5 Ggultra2764 [series:731#1552]
Been a while since I seen anything Dirty Pair related. This OVA appears to give the Lovely Angels a more realistic character design compared to their designs in the OVAs that I sampled from a decade earlier. Affair on Nolandia features the duo trying to track down the whereabouts of a young girl with psychic power and some shady activity with those in power on the planet in which Yuri and Kei try tracking the girl's whereabouts. The story's nothing special as it plays the typical cliches of action/ sci-fi anime and features some sloppy storytelling as Yuri and Kei are shown to solve the case of the psychic girl off-screen without any proper buildup and the big reveal being a baddie whom we were never introduced to until his first appearance onscreen when Yuri and Kei confront him. The trademark comedy of the Dirty Pair franchise is a bit restrained here, though still featuring moments of collateral damage caused by their battles and some nude shots of the Angels. Overall, this is a pretty forgettable entry in the Dirty Pair franchise and I wouldn't hop back to it for rewatching anytime soon, if ever.

Last updated Thursday, December 05 2013. Created Thursday, December 05 2013.
Avoid 7 6 6 5 4 AstroNerdBoy [series:731#436]

Ugh! That was my reaction when I saw the character designs for this Dirty Pair OAV. By losing the bigger eyes, the girls lose their cuteness, especially Yuri. The reduced bust size didn't bother me, but it too was surprising. However, to make up for the smaller chests, the animators treat you to a couple of nude scenese for both Yuri and Kei. And if lolicon is your thing, we even get to see little Missinei naked too. Sadly, it doesn't get any better.

The story is weak as water. Granted Dirty Pair stories are not known for their deepness, but they generally serve the purpose they were designed for -- to carry the action. So usually, we get to see the progression from A to B to C as Yuri and Kei solve the case. This time, Yuri and Kei solve the case off screen. So while we are given answers to questions, it is poorly done. And to make it worse, the answers are pretty dumb too. Had the writers actually focused more on the story, the same answers could have been made interesting.

The music is also pretty bad, as in cheesy bad. I don't know what they were thinking. And it doesn't stop there. Usually, OAV's have better budgets and thus have better art an animation. Not this time, mate. There is a lot of recycled footage in addition to a lot of "cheap" shots. Basicly, this thing was just thrown together in order to try to make a quick buck off of Dirty Pair fans.

Bottom line: Skip this, especially if you are a fan of the classic Dirty Pair series. There's really nothing to see here.

Last updated Wednesday, February 11 2004. Created Wednesday, February 11 2004.

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