Soreyuke Marin-chan

Title:Soreyuke Marin-chan
Let's Go Marine-Chan
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This 3 part hentai bishoujo OVA series is about an evil doctor that tries to collect the sperm of 100 guys, and the woman, Marin, that tries to stop her evil sister from accomplising this. Based from the hentai manga of the same name by Nonoya.
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Buy 9 7 10 7 manganime [series:546#1633]
This is actually a good hentai which is very funny and at the same time stupid.

The story it self is ludacris, collecting sperm for the future of Japan, costume changing, the wrestling match and the jerk off grand prix.

This had good character designs and definetely recommend it to busty anime fans. Or more better put anime fans that like busty. Well you get the point.

Last updated Wednesday, March 01 2006. Created Wednesday, March 01 2006.
Watch 8 7 8 5 9 8 MasterYoshidino [series:546#598]
There are some discrepancies with this series. It was pitifully mastered onto DVD and it shows as there are flaws in the animation such as misalligned frames at a scene change and gradients looking awful. The story is faithful to the manga and there is plenty of comedy in this series. Definately worth watching if you know enough Japanese. The music is just mundane, not special, but at least the speech is well done. Of course Marin has to be one of the prettiest bishoujo women to ever appear on hentai ova's

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