Tensei Kizoku Kantei Skill de Nariagaru

Title:Tensei Kizoku Kantei Skill de Nariagaru
As a Reincarnated Aristocrat, I'll Use My Appraisal Skill
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Notables: BAN Taito
KAHO Narumi
A Japanese salaryman who suffered a fatal heart attack finds himself reincarnated as Ars Louvent, son and heir of a minor nobleman who governs the region of Lamberg of the Summerforth Empire. By the age of three Lars has learned to read and write and has become fairly knowledgable about the state of affairs in the Empire. The Empire's highest leaders are incompetent, peasant revolts are common, and in general the future looks grim--and someday Lars will be obliged to take control of Lamberg. He has a unique videogame-like ability called 'appraisal' which allows him to instantly and accurately estimate the skills and abilities of any person--except, for some reason, himself. One day he comes across a Malkan beggar, Rietz Muses, and is amazed to find that this man has incredible potential to be a military leader. Malkans are dark-skinned foreigners who are considered inferior, so it will not be easy to persuade his father, Raven Louvent, that he should be allowed to make this young man his retainer. But Ars is quite convinced that with the looming troubles ahead, it would be much better to have Reitz as an ally than an enemy.

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Unevaluated Stretch [series:4800#628]
(Two+ episodes watched):

Most isekai anime have weak and formulaic plots that contain few surprises, but once in a while we get one which has a plot which resembles that of a credible novel. If I am not totally mistaken, such a show would be this one. I got the feeling that friendship between Ars and Reitz would be the backbone of this show rather than there being no focus on any one plot element and the plot instead wandering in many directions, which is what we usually get. Maybe some sort of conflict would tear at their friendship and loyalty to one another. If you can accept that isekai reincarnation and this appraisal skill exist, then what happens in episode one makes a good deal of sense and is quite believable. The OP sequence suggested a large cast. Or maybe I was completely wrong and was reading far more into this show than was actually there. A show about "chillin'" doesn't sound like one that would include conflict between two dynamic characters rather than a simple one between good and evil. I bet a lot will depend on whether what happens takes place in a complex, intriguing, believable manner or if it is just another hasty lash-up. But I was convinced that this show had potential, and I hope the writer had recognized the opportunity that he had created with the premise and made good use of it.

Episode two did not impress me nearly as much, however. Ars goes looking for a good mage and finds an impoverished girl who has the potential to be an outstanding one. I was annoyed by the way it was made clear that this pickpocket is in fact an exemplary person (she cares for several orphans). I wish there were more shades of gray rather than virtually black and white characters in this show. Shameless villains and goody two-shoes tend to be boring; what we need are some conflicted characters who have both strengths and weaknesses. I started watching episode three as well, but soon found it to be so painfully corny that I decided to drop the series as a whole. The almost totally black-and-white version of morality without any noticeable shades of gray was devoid of any interesting characters. The bad guys here are slave traders who know what they're doing is wrong but don't care. Far more realistic would be slave traders who think what they're doing is perfectly justified and therefore they have nothing to apologize for. And I hated the totally unrealistic manner in which Reitz could easily beat half a dozen thugs that were attacking him simultaneously. So much for my first impression of this show. Rather than a developing tale of the friendship between two complex and interesting main characters we quickly moved on to recruiting more shallow ones--quantity rather than quality. I remained modestly curious about how Ars would carry Lamberg through the dangerous times ahead, but not if I had to endure cardboard characters like these. This show did have potential, but long ago it was decided not to exploit it and to instead churn out one more cookie cutter isekai anime.

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