List Titles with FUJIWARA Natsumi

Title Rating Synopsis
AMAIM Warrior at the Borderline Unevaluated See Kyoukai Senki
Boy Maid Watch See Shounen Maid

Kemono Jihen
Buy 'Dorotabo' is a unpopular and shunned boy in a small town. When a curious private detective, Kohachi Inugami, is summoned to investigate the bizarre deaths of domesticated animals, he realizes why this is. Dorotabo (real name: Kabane) is actually a Kemono, a 'being that lurks in the world's shadows and is involved with humans but undetected by them'. Inugami (who is a Kemono himself) also recognizes useful supernatural abilities within Dorotabo/Kabane and recruits him to work with the business he runs, the 'Inugami Strangeness Counseling Office'.

Kyoukai Senki
Unevaluated In the year 2061 Japan has been reduced to little more than four colonies of foreign powers as a result of the 'Boundary War'. Foreign mercenaries exercise martial law over the oppressed Japanese people. Amou Shiiba avoids complete despondency by pursuing his unusual hobby of attempting to restore an abandoned mecha, an AMAIM, to working order. He gets some unexpected help when he finds--or is found by--an artificially intelligent control unit that goes by the name of Gai.

Shounen Maid
Watch When his single mother dies, Chihiro Komiya is left destitute. Fortunately, he learns that he has a wealthy uncle who is willing to take him in, an offer which Chihiro accepts on the condition that his room and board be not a gift but be given in exchange for his serving as housekeeper of the uncle's imposing mansion. Not so fortunately, his uncle is a theater costume designer and expects Chihiro to dress as a maid.
境界戦機 Unevaluated See Kyoukai Senki
少年メイド Watch See Shounen Maid
怪物事変 Buy See Kemono Jihen

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