Shounen Maid

Title:Shounen Maid
Boy Maid
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When his single mother dies, Chihiro Komiya is left destitute. Fortunately, he learns that he has a wealthy uncle who is willing to take him in, an offer which Chihiro accepts on the condition that his room and board be not a gift but be given in exchange for his serving as housekeeper of the uncle's imposing mansion. Not so fortunately, his uncle is a theater costume designer and expects Chihiro to dress as a maid.

12 episodes
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Shounen Maid functions as a slice-of-life comedy revolving around Chihiro's interactions with his eccentric uncle and his classmates coming upon his unique living condition of cleaning while adorned in a maid outfit. The series appeared to be going for a balance of light drama and comedy with the former involving Chihiro reflecting on the loss of his mother and the advancement of time that passes as Chihiro, his friends, and his uncle interact with one another. However like many titles of its ilk, I was mostly indifferent to Chihiro and the other characters in this series as they didn't have much to show in depth or dimension, with their character types having been hammered to death in past anime titles or try making attempts at fresh approaches to said types that don't do enough to engage my interest. Unless slice-of-life comedies grab your interest, you're not really missing out on much with Shounen Maid.

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Unevaluated Stretch [series:3186#628]
(One episode watched):

The number one question going into Shounen Maid was 'how will this show distinguish itself from the plethora of maid anime which already exist'? Answer: it won't. There was nothing particularly novel or distinctive about this show; it is a pretty predictable and stereotypical maid anime with very modest jokes and nothing that is emotionally moving at all. Even the odd twist that Chihiro must dress as a maid has a fairly plausible explanation which means no major perversion is involved, but also means that the viewer cannot help wondering why it was included at all. In fact, I could not help wondering why this story was judged worthy of being produced as an anime. After struggling through one very boring episode, I had little idea where the story was going and could not care. There didn't seem to be any basic conflict, that is, a problem which must be solved, so I guess the 4-koma type jokes alone are supposed to make it worth watching. An incredible stoke of luck--Chihiro stumbles across a rich uncle that he didn't know he had--pretty much solves all of his problems at a stroke. Since the humor is so weak, it would have been better if he had found himself homeless and had to find a solution to his problems himself. This show just strikes me as unambitious. Shounen Maid has got to be the most milquetoast maid anime yet.

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