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Title Rating Synopsis
Boy Maid Unevaluated See Shounen Maid

Unevaluated Kotarou Kennouji has been experiencing strange and terrifying dreams lately, and turns to the Occult Research Club at his school for help.

Shounen Maid
Unevaluated When his single mother dies, Chihiro Komiya is left destitute. Fortunately, he learns that he has a wealthy uncle who is willing to take him in, an offer which Chihiro accepts on the condition that his room and board be not a gift but be given in exchange for his serving as housekeeper of the uncle's imposing mansion. Not so fortunately, his uncle is a theater costume designer and expects Chihiro to dress as a maid.
リライト Unevaluated See Rewrite
少年メイド Unevaluated See Shounen Maid

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