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In the mid 21st century wars are unknown because a group of superheroes with fantastic powers has arisen. Each country gets one, but Japan's hero leaves something to be desired. 'Shy' (actual identity: Teru Momijiyama) is, just as her name implies, socially phobic. It's hard to be a superhero when you can barely stand people looking at you.

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Unevaluated Stretch [series:4750#628]
(One episode watched):

This show seemed novel and clever at first, but as the initial episode went on it became clear that there really wasn't all that much to the premise. I thought for a while that it was going to be primarily a comedy (with bits like the job Shy, a superhero, was holding in her spare time), but that didn't turn out to be the case. The notion of a deeply shy, insecure person being pressed into the role of superhero was intriguing, but such a person would need to have a complex and developed personality. Shy is annoyingly simple-minded; she blames herself for allowing one of a dozen or so people who were caught in a roller coaster accident to be injured, even though the accident itself was in no way her fault and this person would surely have been killed without her. Does everyone in Japan think like that? And the people are likewise all too eager to blame her. In the end, everything works out fine and nobody gets killed in this incident or a major fire at a hotel. It almost seems like this show was made for children. A visit from Russia's hero, 'Spirit', was painfully unfunny. Shy is warned of a looming threat to mankind as a whole, which she will have to do her part to defeat. But when everything else about this show feels weak, I am left with little desire to see how that works out. An OK idea for a premise, but lackluster execution.

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