Kimama ni Idol

Title:Kimama ni Idol
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Three pretty girls want to make it big as pop stars, but it's tough on their way to the top. Based on a manga in Comic Burger by Kenichi Koya, it was distinguished by a marketing gimmick that had the three lead voice actresses taking to the stage for real in an early attempt at multimedia promotion.
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50-minute OVA released on February 25, 1990.
Animated by Toei Animation.
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While seemingly made just to promote its manga source material, this OVA has a bit more meat to it milking humor off the antics of the three teenage girls trying to become idols aftering winning tens of millions of yen from a lottery and dealing with some of the challenges of gaining stardom as idols from competition with other musicians and agencies. Some of their antics get a bit over the top, most notably a plane and helicopter fight at the end of the OVA. Will admit much of the humor failed to hook me, plus there was a horrible case of tonal dissonance with the series trying to milk humor off a case of attempted rape near its finale with the victims involved trying to fend off their captors that doesn't come off too well as a result. While I see where it was trying to do a little more with the humor of Kimama ni Idol, will admit the focus on pop idols and its attempts at humor weren't my cup of tea and the humor milked during the noted attempted rape scene doesn't come off too good. Definitely a case where I'm not sure I'll be revisiting this one again anytime soon.

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