TenPuru: No one can live on loneliness
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AKASAKA Masayuki
Animation - Gekko
Akemitsu Akagami is the son of a notorious philanderer, and has suffered great embarassment over his life as a result. As a college student studying for the Civil Service, he plans to be single for life and be nothing like his father. But a run-in with a bale of rice carried by a cute girl shakes his determination and leads him to vow to become a monk at a temple which women are barred from. But someone forgot to tell him that what was once a monastery has become an all-female nunnery.

12 episodes
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:4692#628]
(One episode watched):

It quickly became clear that this would be a fanservice-heavy show. No matter, if the jokes are OK and there's a semblance of an intriguing plot. But there wasn't; the jokes were rather infantile, with lots of violence as well. The background music as the pranks rolled seemed distinctly amateurish. All sorts of things that could never happen in a million years do; of course the girl who was carrying the rice bales, Yuzuki Aoba, is one of the 'nuns' at this place. As usual Akemitsu makes a total fool of himself and convinces all the girls that he's a complete pervert, yet winds up being granted admission. It all seemed just stupid. I decided that there was no need to take note of the girls' names and hair colors, because I would not be back for any more of this show. If I want a harem anime, I'll definitely finish watching last season's Megami no Café Terrace rather than this.

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