The Marginal Service

Title:The Marginal Service
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Notables: Animation - Studio 3Hz
MIKI Shinichirou
MORIKAWA Toshiyuki
SUGITA Tomokazu
Brian Nightrider was an effective but controversial detective of the Shibujuku police department. A little too effective; his tendency to 'brutality, forced entry and unauthorized investigation' got him fired. Out of the blue, he is offered a position with the UN Immigration Bureau Task Force, Marginal Service. Even more surprising is the sort of criminals he'll be dealing with: rogue 'Borderlanders', who are 'unidentified mysterious creatures that coexist with us in this society'.

12 episodes
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:4659#628]
(Two episodes watched):

I was not optimistic about this X-Files type show as it first laid out its premise, but with time I got the sense that it has a sort of pleasing and amusing style to it. While the Borderlanders themselves don't seem all that intriguing, the team of slightly wacky detectives that Brian will be working with look like fun. This seems to be an international unit led by 'Old Commander' (everyone has a nickname) Theodore Tompson, and comprised of 'Perfect Order' Zeno Stokes, 'Macho is Macho' Bolts Dexter (a muscleman), 'The British Muscle' Robin Timbert, 'Doctor So-Cool' Cyrus M. Kuga, 'Beauty Mechanic' Lyra Candeyheart (a female computer specialist) and now Brian as well. Oh, and 'Mascot Supervisor' Peck Desmont, a rodent who seems to be a Borderlander himself. If I can't have both I'd much rather have the running characters be interesting than the fleeting villains. In fact, I would wager that weak characters is what sinks most anime with similar premises to this one. Borderlanders usually are indistinguishable from humans, are difficult to understand, and hard to kill. I don't know if it will remain fresh, but this show made me giggle and I am looking forward to episode two.

Unfortunately, the silliness and novelty of episode one had largely evaporated in episode two. This was looking like the usual show with wild action, a beyond the norm premise, and characters that are colorful but remain two dimensional and uninteresting. It seems that their toughness and generic personalities is all there is to them and they will not develop any more. And I hated the scene where villains blazing away at point-blank range with AK-47s couldn't hit anything. Yes, Borderlanders are hard to kill, but what happens has got to make some sense and be fairly plausible, not just seem like a major example of corner-cutting. Having inexplicable good luck does not make someone a hero. I think I had been mislead by episode one and might as well scrap Marginal Service.

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