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A3! Season Spring & Summer
Unevaluated The once famous Mankai theater is on its last legs. Deep in debt, it is about to be converted into a bar when the daughter of its former star actor turns up and arranges a last minute stay of execution. The deal is that if a hit show can be performed within one month, directed by this girl, and the debt repaid within a year, the place will be spared.
Chidori RSC Watch See Rifle is Beautiful

Rifle is Beautiful
Watch Freshman Hikari Kokura arrives at Chidori high school expecting to join the marksmanship club, only to find that it has just been disbanded for lack of interest. Along with her long-time friend Izumi and a couple of other newcomers, they snatch the club back from oblivion and attempt to reinvigorate it.
ライフル・イズ・ビューティフル Watch See Rifle is Beautiful

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