A3! Season Spring & Summer

Title:A3! Season Spring & Summer
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Animation - Studio 3Hz
The once famous Mankai theater is on its last legs. Deep in debt, it is about to be converted into a bar when the daughter of its former star actor turns up and arranges a last minute stay of execution. The deal is that if a hit show can be performed within one month, directed by this girl, and the debt repaid within a year, the place will be spared.

12 episodes
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:3805#628]
(Three episodes watched):

I found myself modestly interested by this premise; there's a well defined but seemingly impossible goal which must be met, and I wondered how the inexperienced crew of beginners who had been hastily recruited right off the street could pull it off. What remained to be seen was if the characters would continue to grow and intrigue me, and if the story as a whole would be plausible and believable. The half-assed cast quarrels with each other and displays varying degrees of interest in the show being a success and doing a good job as actors. I felt I hadn't really gotten to know anyone (except maybe the female director), well enough to sympathize with them and seriously root for them. Definitely not the most exciting show I've ever watched, and the jokes are modest at best. The play they are going to present, a takeoff of Romeo and Juliet, didn't intrigue me either. This show never thrilled me, and though I was willing to watch some more for awhile, in the end I became tired of it and decided to quit.

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