D4DJ All Mix

Title:D4DJ All Mix
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Notables: Animation - SANZIGEN
IRIE Maiko
TANDA Hazuki
The girls of 'Lyrical Lily', a school idol group at conservative Arisuzawa Academy, have been asked by the town government to make a series of monthly performances in order to draw tourists and business to the community. They realize that it would be a good idea to recruit some of their friendly competitors to perform as well.

12 episodes

A sequel to D4DJ First Mix.
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:4617#628]
(Two episodes watched):

Season one of D4DJ was fun, so I had fairly high expectations for this show. But it seems All Mix may be more about a different group than Happy Around, whose likable characters were one of the best things about S1. There were numerous groups in S1 but in my experience Happy Around was the only one that we really got to know; everyone else was so cookie cutter that about the only way to tell them apart was by the color of their hair. Lyrical Lily doesn't have a colorful character like Rinko; they are just presented to us as a done deal, but I can't remember anything about them from S1. So, I was not happy with the change of focus. And, above all, where's the conflict? LL agrees to make a series of performances, but the stakes don't seem to be very high. There's no championship on the line, no school in danger of closing, no town that desperately needs a revival. Instead the other groups rush to cooperate, so it is looking like this project is a success right from the start, and indeed a much bigger success than the town council could have imagined. The only possible conflict I can imagine is that there was a mention that Arizugawa Academy, a religious school, 'forbids any and all modern trends' (but it was also implied that LL had gotten an exception). So, basically this show is boring. The humor is nothing to write home about, so the acts are about the only thing to watch for. This show didn't charm me like S1 did, and in the space of one episode managed to take me from expecting high quality to wondering if it was worth watching at all.

In episode two the girls make a video to advertise the remaining performances. But again, there is little conflict. The biggest problem is that not enough people heard about the first performance ahead of time, which is why they make the film. As much as I liked S1, if I am to watch this show it has got to deliver some decent entertainment rather than just ride on the laurels of its predecessor. And I could not help concluding that it wouldn't.

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