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Title:Spy x Family
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Notables: Animation - CloverWorks
Animation - Wit Studio
Agent Twilight, the greatest spy for the nation of Westalis, has to infiltrate an elite private school. In order to do so he assumes the identity of psychiatrist Loid Forger, adopts an orphan girl, and marries a city hall employee. Unknown to him, his daughter Anya is a telepath and his wife Yor is an assassin. The three learn to become a family while working to complete Twilight's missions and maintain world peace.
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TV anime that premiered on April 9, 2022.
Animated by Cloverworks and Wit Studio.
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Unevaluated AstroNerdBoy [series:4466#436]
Through 3 episodes...

I love this series. Anya is literally my favorite daughter character, managing to surpass Yotsuba. There's tinge of tragedy in this comedy as Anya is an orphan desperate to not be abandoned again. But I don't think the anime will have her abandoned. (I've not read the source manga.) That would kill the dynamic of this artificial family of a spy "Papa", an assassin "Mama", and a telepath little girl.

Last updated Tuesday, April 26 2022. Created Tuesday, April 26 2022.
Unevaluated Stretch [series:4466#628]
(Eight episodes watched):

I don't know about this show. It seems to be a hit, and has some definite good points, but I wonder if the excitement it is generating is really justified. It didn't seem uproariously funny to me, and therefore the plot was what I was looking to for entertainment. Set amid the Cold War-like struggle between Ostania and Westalis, it seemed semi-realistic, at least more realistic than most anime with spy or assassin motifs. But several things about episode one bugged me. Instead of just plain announcing to us that Anya (the pink-haired girl that Robert recruits to pose as his daughter) is a telepath, I would have let the audience figure that out for themselves. I was confused regarding whether Robert had quickly realized that she had this ability, given her uncanny ability to answer his questions before he even asks them. But no, it was later made clear that he hasn't, perhaps to facilitate more (weak) jokes. He's supposed to be James Bond brilliant, isn't he? And how the f--- did Robert switch places with this Nguyen guy who (I assume) he had never met and produce a perfect disguise to pose as him? Does he carry a tiny mask making kit with him at all times? About the most plausible explanation is that while Anya is a telepath Robert is a sorceror. As I wondered why this show hadn't thrilled me, the thought occurred to me 'do I like either of them?'. He's a superb secret agent but otherwise a mystery man with little or no personality. All we know about him is that he is fiercely loyal to Westalis and will set aside things like having a real family of his own. And Anya being a telepath was kind of annoying. Is that ability really necessary for the story, or is it just a gag? We must wait until episode two to see who the 'mother' will be.

This woman, 'Tor', has a curious personality which I'm not sure whether to like or hate. She is scoffed at by her coworkers as a naive, loveless loser when in fact she is (or can be) a merciless killing machine when assigned people to assassinate. Perhaps my problem is that I'm not sure if that is funny or disturbing. Does she only kill people who deserve it? She seems to obey orders without a second thought. Yet when not in assassin mode she seems rather gullible and dimwitted. I wish some additional effort had been made to make her more complex and unusual (because expert assassins are dime-a-dozen). Also, she's sort too good to believe--or, rather, her opponents are so easy to kill that doing so doesn't really seem like much of an accomplishment. I guess the assumption was that the audience would find her to be hilarious, so there was no need for plausibility. And, does she work for East, West, or some other group?

In episode three, Tor objects to a petty crime, which suggests she has a brain and some ethics after all. The bulk of this episode consists of the three getting to know each other better, and thereby us viewers getting to know them as well. While I still think this show is overrated (it was judged nothing less than the best show of the season in a April 28 poll at ANN), at the end I felt that maybe I could sympathize with this oddball family and like them after all. In episode five Anya gets a reward for getting accepted into the prestigous Eden Academy, a reward which balloons out of control. Curiously, I don't think she employed her telepathic skill at all in this episode. As usual, I found it to be amusing but not LOL funny. In episode six the school year begins and Anya promptly makes an enemy of the person Robert wanted her to ingratiate herself with. In episode seven he tries to reset things and Anya makes a new friend.

In episode eight an unexpected hitch occurs: Tor's younger brother, Yuri, is nothing less than an agent of the Secret Police, Robert's mortal enemies. This event made me sit up and take notice. How will Tor, when in her usual not terribly bright mode, keep what's really going on secret from her sibling who adores her and is inherently suspicious of anyone who threatens to take her away from him? Anya's telepathy might come in handy.

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