Girls und Panzer das Finale (Movies)

Title:Girls und Panzer das Finale (Movies)
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Momo Kawashima, student council vice president at Ooarai Girls Academy, has failed to gain admission to any school after graduation. The only way she might still do so would be if she won a scholarship as a result of outstanding performance at the next Sensha-do competition, so she is made the temporary commander of the team.

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Unevaluated Stretch [series:4449#628]
(Two movies watched):

I had thought that these 'Movies' (they are actually around an hour long) were being released in rapid succession, but it looks like they are in fact coming out about once every two years, with number three due soon. The word is that there will be a total of six.

Oorai's first opponent is a team with a French theme (shown above), and this contest takes up the first and part of the second movie. Rumor has it that this team consists of two bitterly divided factions, but that rumor may have been planted as a trick. Oorai strengthens itself with a new crew made of the sailor girls who handle the aircraft carrier they live on (I don't recall what the explanation of that is, or if there ever was one). The animation has a realistic 3D feel to it, and you get an idea of what handling a tank must be like. On the other hand, if you really know much about tanks a lot of the things these girls do makes little sense--like employing a WWI 'rhomboid' tank whose armour is barely thick enough to stop a rifle bullet. It would probably make more sense if this game employed non-lethal 'paint' shells, but making sense was never the intention.

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