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Girls and Tanks Watch See Girls und Panzer

Girls und Panzer
Watch In this world, Sensha-do (戦車道), the art of tank-combat, is a traditional Japanese martial art for girls. Miho, a girl who just transfered into the Ōrai Girls' Academy in Ibaraki Prefecture, has been ordered by the academy's student council chairperson to join the school team and compete in the national Sensha-do championships.

Girls und Panzer das Finale (Movies)
Unevaluated Momo Kawashima, student council vice president at Ooarai Girls Academy, has failed to gain admission to any school after graduation. The only way she might still do so would be if she won a scholarship as a result of outstanding performance at the next Sensha-do competition, so she is made the temporary commander of the team.
ガールズ&パンツァー (Japanese) Watch See Girls und Panzer

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