Umibe no Étranger

Title:Umibe no Étranger
The Stranger by the Beach
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Notables: Animation - Studio Hibari
Mio is a high school boy who lost his parents at an early age. Shun, a gay aspiring novelist living near Mio's house on a remote island in Okinawa, noticed Mio sitting for hours on the beach. They grew closer to each other, but Mio had to leave Okinawa. Three years later, Mio returns to face his feelings.
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59-minute film that premiered on September 11, 2020.
Animated by Studio Hibari.
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Rent 9 8 8 6 8 Ggultra2764 [series:4273#1552]
Shounen-ai anime aren't typically my cup of tea, as many of the titles within the genre I've sampled tend to have melodramatic trappings that dabble into "seme" and "uke" character types. Umibe no Etranger did get my attention as it doesn't dabble into such a story setup and instead focuses on the challenges that come with Shun and Mio trying to get their relationship to work from acceptance to having intercourse. The relationship developments are mainly explored through Shun's perspective as the film offers a good deal of fleshing out to explore his character's reservations on a possible homosexual relationship from past events and gradually coming to accept Mio's love. It also explores the challenges both face with physical intimacy in their relationship with the two exploring their comfort levels with one another before and during intercourse. The only major issue I really have with the film is that there wasn't enough time to focus on Mio's perspective on events, particularly with the sudden change in character he has in the three years that he and Shun were separated. Maybe with an extra half-hour, there could have been more time to explore things with Mio, as the film's more grounded storytelling could have afforded having that extratime to equally focus on the two. But in spite of this issue, Umibe no Etranger is perhaps one of the better shounen-ai anime titles I've had a chance to dabble into with the believable developments faced by Shun and Mio to get their relationship going, even if I don't necessarily swing that way personally.

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