Sister Princess

Title:Sister Princess
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Notables: Animation - Zexcs
R1 License - ADV (Renamed)
Wataru is a very unlucky guy. First: he turns in his high school application in 1 day late. 2nd: he is kicked out of his house because he is now a man without a school. 3rd: He gets an approval from a high school that he never applied for. 4th: When he gets there he finds out he has 13 sisters who all attend that school. and 5th: One of his sisters isn't a sister and is really a spy.

1 Guy + 12 Sisters = FUN!!!

See also the sequel Sister Princess Re-Pure
26 Episodes

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OverallArtAnimationCharacter Design MusicSeries StoryEpisode StoryReviewer
Watch 7 7 6 7 7 6 Dreamer [series:427#2279]
I knew I shouldn't have picked this one up. But I was in that brief period where I ran out of things to watch and this was on the very very bottom of my backup list. So I gave it a shot. My thoughts?

Art, Animation & Character Designs
Artwork was horrible. We got some bland colors, lackluster details and artwork/designs that flopped around in quality, appearance and looks.... especially the characters. Speaking of the characters, at times they were horribly drawn. Other times they looked fairly acceptable. It seemed as if we had a handful of artists that put in half the effort. Animation was a bit choppy.... short on frames.

The OP was a pop piece with female vocals. It was pretty upbeat but not in a cutsie fashion. It always reminded me of something from the early 90's or late 80's. Not terrible. The ED was another pop piece with female vocals. This one was a bit slower.... and bland.

Series and Episode Story
First, let me say, the copy I sat through was horrible. The quality was at times so bad, it looked like a 1980's video game (heavily pixelated). Of course, this has nothing to do with the series itself and I didn't knock the Art/Animation category down because of it.

Now the series itself was...... blegh! Just Blegh. The whole concept of a single guy suddenly having 12 long lost sisters was so far fetched I was rolling my eyes for the first time in my anime watching history. As Forbin below, I was fighting to stay awake.... and pay attention. But somehow, I still ended up sitting through and watching every episode. Why?.... Dunno really. Maybe because I wanted to see how the 12 sisters came about or if there would be any explanations?

In the end, we don't get any such explanation. In fact, we get more questions and confusion. I'm not sure what exactly happened either.

Overall, I sorta wished I got my time back from watching this series. But because I "did" enjoy it during a few episodes, I suppose it was barely, barely, barely worth watching.

Last updated Wednesday, October 12 2011. Created Wednesday, October 12 2011.
Watch Forbin [series:427#1573]
Drama - Med/High
Comedy - Med
Action - Low
SciFi - Low
Ecchi - None
This is a VERY SLOW program. It's good but I was fighting to stay awake.
It's not quite for me, but I was never in for the high drama, little action type of Anime. It's a good watch if you like that type though.
It's very Cute, more like a Popotan without the nudity.

Edit : It's finished, I will not upgrade this to rent because it is too slow and REALLLY pointless. But my daughter cannot get enough of this so if you intended to show this to girls under 10 they will probably rate this a BUY.

Last updated Thursday, August 04 2005. Created Sunday, January 02 2005.
Avoid 5 3 3 3 0 0 Rogue_Noir [series:427#850]
How can you possibly sit through this show? The first 2 or so episodes gave a decent introduction to the setting but soon afterwards, the plot development slowed down considerably. Also, I can't see where this show is leading to.. since all the girls are the main character's sisters, it is only appropriate for him to relate to them in certain ways and not go farther.. and that type of relationship had already been established by like episode 7 or so with most of his sisters. Only thing left to fill the rest of the series is incest, but let's not go there, k?

Last updated Tuesday, November 04 2003. Created Tuesday, November 04 2003.
Rent 9 8 9 7 8 Jan-Chan [series:427#967]
I first picked up on this series through a download, and I subsequently purchased the series. And despite the fact that this series moves with the speed of molasses and has numerous other shortcomings, I found myself very surprised at how this series captivated me.

This is a story about an oniichan (Japanese for brother), a guy who did not pass the high school entrance exam in Tokyo, but gets accepted to a distant school, and gets sent out there.. somewhere.... to a island called promise, where he learns that he is not the only-child as he first thought. He ends living with twelve (plus one) sisters, each with their own personality, who adore having an older brother. The sisters range in age from kinder garden to high school, and each has a special gift or understanding of life. And there is also a hint that someone is watching oniichan, and something special might be going on. Additionally, there is a certain magic and mystery that surround people that live in the village on the island that gets addressed later in the series.

But the focus of the story is about the brother, and how he comes to know and understand his different sisters. Each episode tends to tell a story of one of the sisters, and the adventures that she has with her brother. One episode is where they run around looking for a stuffed bear, but what can you expect from a five year old sister. The other sisters have different and interesting skills; a kendo girl, a gymnast super gyrl, a magic tarot girl, fashion queen, a techno-brat, and so on. This is a hint of romantic interest from some of the older sisters, but series is so innocent and happy that it can easily be understood as being a deep feeling of love between a brother and sister.

It has a bit of a feeling of a harem story, but there is nothing to cause anyone any offense or ill feelings. The only character that I did not like is a looser wanna-be, who fantasizes about having one of the sisters as girl friend (he is supposed to be a comic relief, I think), but he is so lame and inert, that he only detracts from the story.

If you are into anime with strong character development, and warm & fuzzy story line, then series might keep you entertained.

Last updated Thursday, November 27 2008. Created Thursday, October 23 2003.
Buy 9 9 10 7 8 8 The saint [series:427#815]
Having kept track of this anime and since encountering the game I am please to say its as good as any quality anime, though it lacks depth and development. I still feel a bit dissapointed as the other series RE:pure was much better, nevertheless a healthy anime to watch for you oniichans out there.

Last updated Friday, July 04 2003. Created Friday, July 04 2003.
Rent 8 8 10 6 7 Alexander [series:427#416]
Basically, this guy is sent to this island for schooling. And finds that he has 12 sisters, that he has never heard or seen before. They are all very cute, and he finds some of them attractive before knowing that they are his sisters. And so, he goes on living in this big house, with all 12 sisters +1 girl who seems to be a "spy or something".
Having now watched esps. 1-12, this series seems quite good, but leaves a bunch of confusing in the start of the series. It doesn't explain well why he has to go to this island to study but he is thrown there for some reason, i still don't know why. And so, he meets these girls one by one, whom all warm up to him quite nicely. One in particular :), but later she's his sister, so no romance there. Having met around 5 girls, trouble is started with where he can stay. Housing sends him to this mansion, where he finds the same 5 girls and learns that he has 5 sisters. Next esp. =12 sisters, and the series goes on with the confusing of the brother on whether he should stay on the island or leave, and some nice stories with each developing char.
One problem is that there is still the confusing of one girl, the extra one, that would equal to 13 girls living in his household. She is some spy, that doing some stuff,, argh,, anyways i'll say when i watch some more esp.
Anyways, go ahead and rent this series, it is quite heart warming, and is a good "kid-at-heart" moods. :)

Last updated Friday, March 28 2003. Created Friday, March 28 2003.

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