Koisuru Asteroid

Title:Koisuru Asteroid
Asteroid in Love
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Notables: Animation - Dogakobo
While camping, Mira Konohata happened upon Ao Manaka, who was stargazing. On the spur of the moment, they agreed to discover a new asteroid and name it after Ao. Years later, the two meet again for the first time as they join the 'Earth Sciences Club' at their new high school. Mira hasn't forgotten the promise, but she does discover that she seriously misjudged something about Ao.

12 episodes
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:3798#628]
(One episode watched):

You meet someone, make a promise two minutes later, don't see the person for years, happen to run into the person again--and feel obligated to carry out the promise. That, I am guessing, is the basic flaw of this show: the premise doesn't make sense. These teens take a promise far more seriously than any ordinary person would. Another problem is that while it takes a cutesy, moe, silly tone it isn't very funny. I don't recall any LOL jokes from episode one. The show doesn't look like it will be very informative, and teach us much of anything about astronomy, either. While no doubt few people watch anime to learn about science, that would be better than nothing. It looks like this show will be about the comical travails of the struggling Earth Sciences Club, and maybe about Mira and Ao's developing friendship as they attempt to carry out their childhood promise. But as I watched I couldn't summon much interest in either topic. I guess we know so little about the two main characters (like, why do they have such a passion for astronomy--they do, right?) that it's hard to care whether they achieve their goal or not. Since I didn't care about that, wasn't laughing, and wasn't learning anything interesting, I could only wish this episode would hurry up and be finished.

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