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Notables: KOBAYASHI Chikahiro
In a world of carnivores and herbivores, there is a lot of hope, love, and anxiety. Regoshi is a wolf who is a member of Cherryton Academy's drama club, and even though he's a wolf, he's very sensitive.
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TV anime that premiered on July 8, 2019.
Animated by Orange.
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:3764#628]
(4 episodes watched):

Based on nothing more than the title, I had expected this to be a silly, childrens' level anime, but it is in fact a neat, clever, sophisticated and adult show. It seems to be a clever allegory that uses animals to act out a tale of human weaknesses--greed, jealousy, aggression, selfishness, etc. Someone has been murdered--'devoured' is how it is phrased--and fear and suspicion run wild, whether deserved or not. It's not even clear just how good a person the main character is, though I'm confident he won't do anything horrific. After I finished watching episode one, the thought occurred to me 'that was pretty cool!'.

Regoshi is himself tempted to devour Haru, a female rabbit, and barely manages to avoid doing so. A strange romance develops between the two of them, with her having some sort of amnesia about what happened and him secretly feeling guilty about what he almost did. Meanwhile, the popular and arrogant Louis (an elk) mercilessly drives the drama club (which Regosi is a member of) onwards. The various interconnecting plots make a good deal of sense and are easily believable, which would have been difficult to achieve even if each character wasn't an animal. You don't see stuff of this quality everyday. The show paradoxically delves into human psychology (more than most shows with human characters do), with stuff like Louis' contempt for people who don't add up to the same demanding standard that he expects himself to meet. It couldn't have been easy to write this.

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