Sounan desu ka?

Title:Sounan desu ka?
Are You Lost?
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Notables: Animation - Ezola
KONO Hiyori
WAKI Azumi
Four girls, Shion, Asuka, Mutsu and Homare, find themselves stranded on a remote island after a plane crash. Fortunately, Homare has a good deal of experience and training in survival and teaches her reluctant classmates how to make do in this situation.

12 twelve-minute episodes
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Rent Stretch [series:3728#628]
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A mix of fanservice, comedy, and survival training--that is the format of this show and I was pleasantly surprised by how well it worked. Four girls adopt a decidedly plucky attitude towards enduring--no mention is made of what became of the pilot of their plane--and techniques which are gross but necessary, like eating insects, are played for laughs. A fair amount of fanservice ensues as they often get their shirts wet and with no boys around need not worry much about how they dress. But this show was genuinely funny (at times) as well, and I enjoyed it. I can't remember a similar premise and liked this unusual one. The girls are obliged to eat gross stuff and kill and butcher animals, which makes them uncomfortable to say the least. The survival tips are interesting, and as they explore the island a modest plot comes together. You learn interesting things like where the best place to be is if you are caught outdoors during a thunderstorm, or that you can get an electric shock from certain kinds of jellyfish. In the final episode Homare comes up with a bizarre, gross, kinky but just possibly plausible way to avoid dying of dehydration. In the end they are still marooned but there's a definite sign that a rescue is on the way. Sounan was an amusing, informative and fun show and I would not mind a second season of it.

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