Million Doll

Title:Million Doll
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Sūko is an idol-loving hikikomori (shut-in) who has one ability: To make any idol popular through the power of blogging. She puts her sights on the Fukuoka idol Itorio and tries to make her more popular, but she is impeded by the charismatic idol Ryūsan and the underground idol Mariko.
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11 short episode TV anime that premiered on July 6, 2015.
Animated by Asahi Production.
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Million Doll sticks out from most idol-themed anime in that it focuses on its fandom and local idols who are on the cusp of getting major deals with big talent agencies. While a unique focus, the choice of episode length format works against this series as it greatly limits the amount of time that can be focused on the individual characters who are either fans helping out said idols or the idols themselves trying to make it up to the next level. The visuals for the series are okay, though nothing remarkable and the use of CG animation during concert scenes stick out like a sore thumb. Overall, this is mostly forgettable fare that probably could have been a decent series if given a longer amount of time per episode for audiences to connect with the characters better.

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