Banana Fish

Title:Banana Fish
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Ash Lynx is a 17-year old gang leader in the criminal empire of 'Papa' Dino Golzine. Eiji Okamura is a 19-year old Japanese photographer who has come to America to cover an interview with him. He happens to arrive just as Ash comes across a lead regarding the mysterious drug that drove his older brother insane in Iraq. This stuff drives people berserk, and leaves them mumbling the cryptic term 'Banana Fish'.

24 episodes
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:3547#628]
(One episode watched):

While the title of this anime had me expecting a silly children's anime, this is anything but. Instead, it is an ugly tale of drugs, crime and violence. I was not particularly thrilled, however. The show seems pretty stereotypical, and depicts the US as hyper-violent place. Also, I don't like Ash all that much; the notion of a 17 year old super cool and super handsome gang leader is hard to take seriously. Nobody strikes me as all that likeable, not even Eiji. There are implications of bondage and people being molested, probably just so that we have no doubt who the villains are. At the end of the episode I couldn't think of any questions that I felt I needed answers to. What is 'Banana Fish'? Probably a highly potent and deadly drug; but since Ash seems like a bitter, angry person, I don't really care whether he gets revenge for what happened to his brother. No doubt there will be plenty of action, but it seemed over-the-top and hard to take seriously. Basically, I don't sense that I'd be getting much in exchange for enduring the ugliness here.

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