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Watch Saya Kisaragi lives two lives: the clumsy, do-gooder schoolgirl and the deadly, sword-wielding priestess who stands up to monsters and demons.

Blue Gender

It is the year 2031 and an insectoid race known as the Blue have taken over Earth. Yuji Kaido has been awakened from hibernation after being put there some 22 years earlier due to a disease he had. After overcoming his "future shock" at the horrors of Earth, Yuji joins the Sleeper Recovery Team to try to take the planet back. Can Marlene, the female soldier who was charged with bringing him to 2nd Earth, keep Yuji from losing himself in the fight?

Summer Watch See _summer
Summer 2 Watch See _summer

Watch “Do you love any girl?”
_summer 2 Watch See _summer
アンダーバーサマー Watch See _summer
ブルージェンダー Watch See Blue Gender

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