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Animation - Production IMS
Michiru Amatsuki is a 20 year old girl who has just arrived in Tokyo to take up a new job. She moves into Stella House, which she will share with three roommates. She finds them to be amiable, trustworthy girls--who imbibe a good deal of beer.

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Unevaluated Stretch [series:3487#628]
(Two episodes watched):

Well, here's a show which contains some genuine laughs, even if at times it was unclear if it was an anime or a commercial for Ebisu beer. The characters seem like fun as well, as episode one is largely about getting to know them and their inevitable quirks. They have a cleaver, realistic feel to them--like when two of Michiru's new friends feel a sense of deja-vu about her enthusiastic, go-get-'em attitude towards her new job. I doubt if there will be much of a plot, but that's OK since episodes are only twelve or so minutes long and, again, contain some laughs. So far, so good. Episode two, however, didn't seem quite as much fun; more food and fashion than laughs. This show is definitely part of the genre which combines cooking (and drinking making) tips with a little story.

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