Ryuuou no Oshigoto!

Title:Ryuuou no Oshigoto!
The Ryuuou's Work is Never Done!
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Notables: Animation - project No. 9
Though just a teenager, Yaichi Kuzuryu has achieved the unprecedented feat of becoming Japan's highest ranking Shogi player, the Ryuuou (Dragon Lord). He doesn't know what to think when a elementary school girl named Ai Hinatsuru appears before him to collect on a promise that he once made to grant her any wish in exchange for a badly needed favor she once did him. She wants to be his apprentice--and despite his initial disdain, Yaichi is shocked to discover that this naïve girl may just have even greater potential at Shogi than himself.

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Unevaluated Stretch [series:3478#628]
(One-and-a-half episodes watched):

My first reaction to this show was 'why in the world would anybody want to make an anime about a teenage Shogi prodigy while the second season of the excellent Sangatsu no Lion is currently running'? The answer, as it turned out, was because this show is pure comedy without a hint of drama, and therefore not a direct competitor. While the jokes were by no means uproariously funny (and indeed, could be rather trite and predictable), I must admit that this show has a sort of infectious silliness and good humor to it. It sort of makes you smile and laugh even when you feel you should be rolling your eyes. I suppose you can always do both. The signs are that it may be a harem or something close. This show is looking like more fun than the average comedy anime, but just barely; my guess is that if I watched the entire series I would award it a 'Watch' rating. I don't sense the plot being all that sophisticated, which might have compensated for the so-so humor. I think I will skip this one since it seems OK but by no means brilliant, and my time is precious.

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