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TSUDA Minami
After her mother remarried, the fashionable and extravagant Yuzu found herself in a new town as a transfer student to a new high school. She quickly learned that discipline was somewhat more strict there than at her previous one, and promptly got into trouble with student council president Mei. Back at home, she gets an even bigger surprise: she now has a step-sister who she has met before.

12 episodes
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:3471#628]
(Three episodes watched):

At first glance this seemed to be one of those shows in which a delicious conflict is created by a one-in-a-million coincidence, and as a result we can't let go of it. The fact that it seemed that the story would morph into a yuri romance was titillating as well. I didn't notice any serious flaws with the story in episode one (which basically sets up the awkward and intriguing premise, but doesn't go much further than that) and was glad to watch episode two in order to get a better idea of where this story was going. But I find that my interest has fallen off somewhat since then. Maybe it's because the romance seems to come out of nowhere between two girls who have just met and barely know each other (and we don't know them any better ourselves), and, by all rights, one would think that they ought to hate each other. And, in episode three, Mei declares that the kiss she unexpectedly gave Yuzu (and which apparently made Yuzu fall into love-at-first-kiss) was little more than a ploy to shut her up---WTF? A thoroughly unlikely coincidence leads to Yuzu avoiding being expelled from her new school; I had a hard time suspending disbelief and accepting that twist as valid. I found that this show was generating such modest interest from me that I had forgotten a good deal of what happened in episode two when I watched episode three, which is not a good sign. I guess the problem is that we just haven't gotten to know these girls well enough for me to care all that much what becomes of them. Will there be a serious romance or will this just be fanservice to titillate male viewers? I almost abandoned the series after two episodes, and three was as far as I could flog myself into going.

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