Konbini Kareshi

Title:Konbini Kareshi
Convenience Store Boy Friends
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Notables: Animation - Pierrot Plus
KAJI Yuuki
KAMIYA Hiroshi
SAKURAI Takahiro
TACHIBANA Shinnosuke
Six high school students tend to run into each other at the local convenience store after school, and the meetings play a part in their developing romances.

12 episodes
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:3381#628]
(One episode watched):

Well, I guess the reason why I never became particularly interested or engaged in the developing romances here is because nothing unusual ever happened. These were typical teenagers doing typical things, without anybody having anything odd or noteworthy about themself. Extremely slice-of-life. No serious conflicts between any two people ever turned up, and I didn't feel that I got to know anybody well enough to care how their love life would work out. I wondered at one point if the whole show was meant as a commercial for convenience stores, because nothing much was happening otherwise. It was kind of boring, actually. It looks like there will be a small army of characters in this story, but without anybody having anything that is in any way extraordinary about themselves that seems like a liability--just more shallow characters I would need to keep track of. In short, the vast majority of romances that take place in the world are dull, and what I want to hear about are the unusual ones.

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