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MATSUOKA Yoshitsugu
A series of bizarre and seemingly inexplicable acts of violence, known as 'New Generation Madness' have been occurring in the Shibuya district. High school newspaper editor Takuru Miyashiru notices uncanny similarities between these acts and events that occurred seven years ago, and which led up to a devastating earthquake.

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See also: Chaos;Head.
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:3305#628]
(Two episodes watched):

This series starts off with an episode long ('episode 0') summary of the events of Chaos;Head. At first I was thinking that this might be a remake, but it turns out to be a sequel (I think) as, in episode one, we are introduced to a new cast of characters who attempt to investigate and explain the freaky acts of self-mutilation and suicide that have been taking place in Shibuya recently. This is much like the stuff that took place in Chaos;Head, and episode one doesn't take us all that far into the new story; basically, we get a cliffhanger. How much the two shows will be alike is unclear, and likewise whether any of the original characters will reappear, or how the quality will compare, but I was modestly intrigued and will watch some more. Presumably somebody will be using the technology that lets users screw with the minds of victims to do evil, and Takuru and friends will try to stop them. Just what's going on is pretty unclear at this point. To be honest, I never completely understood what happened in the first series, and forgot long ago most of what I did manage to figure out.

In episode two the story gets going, we are introduced to different factions, a weird piece of evidence--and I couldn't help feeling kind of bored. Something like three weeks had passed since I had watched episode one, so my memory of just what was going on wasn't all that fresh, but the problem was that episode one hadn't been good enough that I was willing to re-watch it, and without that episode two was confusing and dull. I couldn't get excited or intrigued about what the newspaper club had managed to discover or what it portended--because, again, the show was confusing. Am I supposed to be creeped out by these stickers of Cyclops sumo wrestlers? They just seemed bizarre without indicating anything interesting to me. Perhaps the plot here is overcomplicated to the point where it just confuses us because we can't see all the clever hints that it supposedly contains. Or maybe not enough hints were dropped to begin with. Either way, I don't see what is so important about solving this case. Surely the ultimate threat will be worse than a few people killing themselves in strange ways, but so far I'm not sensing that. And, as usual, the characters don't reach out to me either. Whatever quirks Takuru has, there was no sign of them this week, except for an incomprehensible dream. I had gone into episode two fairly enthusiastic about Chaos;Child, but afterwards I was left wondering if it would be worth watching at all.

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