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'Keijo' is a strange sport in which buxom girls wearing swimsuits are placed on circular platforms floating in swimming pools and attempt to knock each other off using only their breasts and asses to strike blows. Nozomi Kaminashi hopes to use the sport as an avenue to fame and fortune.

12 episodes
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:3260#628]
(Two episode watched):

By all rights, this show should have been about as cheap and tawdry as Eiken. Time after time, anime have come along with amusingly absurd premises which involve some sort of competition between well endowed girls, and I hoped that some sort of wit and taste would accompany them--and have almost always been disappointed. It's infinitely easier to just rely on fanservice to drive a show forward than to take the trouble to write good jokes or an interesting story. Yet, somehow, Keijo didn't strike me as nearly as sleazy as I had initially feared. They weren't clearly leering at the girls or holding onto something in their pockets. Perhaps that's because there is no mention of sex anywhere; the only males are spectators at a Keijo match, and they behaved relatively responsibly. Surely the temptation to include some sort of lesbian lust is almost irresistible, but there's no sign of it yet. Maybe it was because the tits and asses weren't treated as if they had more personality than the girls themselves. Maybe it's because Nozomi and a couple of her friends have been given halfway decent personalities, though why in the world they would want to take part in such a spectacle is largely ignored. There were also a couple of LOL jokes (like the cloud scene at the end), and together the effort put into this show suggests that it might not be relying on fanservice alone. You would think that the show would do nothing but objectify women, but the fighting is handled in such an absurd manner, almost venerated as if it were a centuries-old martial art, that you can laugh rather than leer. Taking part seems like something a respectable girl would be willing to do. Having said all this, I wouldn't be surprised if episode two has nothing fresh and this show turns out to be just what I had initially feared. It can't just rely on T&A fights-of-the-week, and will have to expand and grow in order to remain interesting, but the signs are that such a thing could happen. Keijo has already outperformed the majority of fanservice-driven anime. So, for now I will give Keijo the benefit of the doubt and watch some more.

I suspect this will turn out to be a show which had an amusing premise, which had the effect of making episode one entertaining, but once that wears off we will find not much to write home about in the plot and jokes of episodes 2-12 (or whatever). Episode two was watchable, but there were no LOL jokes and little sign of much of a plot coming together. Another show which has neither good jokes nor an interesting plot, basically. I suspect that in the end Keijo will be a 'Watch', at best. Perhaps if this had been a season in which the anime pickings were meager, I would watch Keijo for lack of anything better. But there are plenty of interesting shows this season, so I think I will dispense with it.

(Keijo got surprisingly high ratings from reviewers and fans at ANN, so it just might be that an interesting plot develops over time. I doubt if it would be good enough for me, however, and have declined to give it a second chance)

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