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Akanesasu Shoujo
Rent The five girls of the Akeyuki Academy Broadcasting Club have a strange custom: at 4:44 (weather permitting) they assemble at a shrine, display glow sticks, tune a radio to a frequency that has caught their attention--and wait to be transported to another world. Needless to say, the '4:44 Ceremony' has never resulted in anything unusual--until one day it does.

Engage Kiss
Unevaluated It would be easy to conclude that Shu Ogata of Bayron City is a worthless moocher, as he continually begs and borrows money to keep himself fed and the lights and water of his apartment on. But he actually has a very serious job, which just has unreliable and intermittant pay: he bids on contracts to hunt down the Demons that plague the high-tech city, which he does with the help of Kisara, the pink-haired Demon of his own.
Farming Life in Another World Unevaluated See Isekai nonbiri Nouka

Watch After moving to the city, Yuu, a guy whose social life had previously consisted almost entirely of sending and receiving Tweets, finds himself in a romantic triangle with Fuuka, a new classmate of his, and Koyuki, a girl he hasn't seen in years but is now a famous idol.

Unevaluated Childhood friends Akeno Misaki and Moeka China have dreamed for years of becoming 'Blue Mermaids', i.e, students at the Yokosuka Girls Marine High School, which is a place where WWII-era warships are used to teach modern-day girls necessary skills. After being separated for years, they both earn admission and are made captains of two different ships. But something goes very wrong during their first venture at sea.
High School Fleet Unevaluated See Hai-Furi

Isekai nonbiri Nouka
Unevaluated Machio Hiraku died a miserable death in a hospital intensive care bed after a terminal illness. The God who looks after him felt his life was such a cruel fiasco that he offers Hiraku a second one under pretty much whatever circumstances he chooses. Hiraku decides that he would like to be a healthy farmer. God arranges this, and provides him with 'the almighty farming tool', a versatile device that can transform into any simple implement that Hiraku wishes for.

Watch 'Keijo' is a strange sport in which buxom girls wearing swimsuits are placed on circular platforms floating in swimming pools and attempt to knock each other off using only their breasts and asses to strike blows. Nozomi Kaminashi hopes to use the sport as an avenue to fame and fortune.
The Girl in Twilight Rent See Akanesasu Shoujo
あかねさす少女 Rent See Akanesasu Shoujo
はいふり Unevaluated See Hai-Furi
エンゲージ・キス Unevaluated See Engage Kiss
ハイスクール・フリート Unevaluated See Hai-Furi
異世界のんびり農家 Unevaluated See Isekai nonbiri Nouka
競女!!!!!!!! Watch See Keijo!!

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