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Title:Black Rock Shooter TV
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In spring, two girls meet: Mato and Yomi. They each sense something in the other that they lack in themselves, and are drawn to each other in spite of their contrasting personalities. Though initially hesitant, they form a strong connection. But they both have secrets - and in an empty world, two girls fight: Black Rock Shooter and Deadmaster. A strange being, Black Gold Saw, watches their mysterious battle, laughing. This is the story of two girls, in two worlds, entangled by the threads of fate.
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8-episode TV anime released on February 2, 2012.
Animated by Liden Films.
An alternate adaptation of Black Rock Shooter.
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Rent 8 8 7 6 7 8 Ggultra2764 [series:2953#1552]
This TV take on the Black Rock Shooter OVA retells its story with more characters to focus on and expands on its story to reveal more about the connections that Mato and pals have to their parallel world counterparts that regularly battle with one another. The story told here is more of a coming-of-age type of affair as Mato and her friends have their differing emotional developments that they have to contend with throughout Black Rock Shooter's eight-episode run and the positive and negative emotions experienced through their ordeals affect their parallel world counterparts in terms of their battle condition and mentality. Later episodes feature our heroines becoming directly involved with the parallel world's ordeals when things get to a breaking point with the developments of Mato's character. The character development in this is solid throughout its run in delving into the personal issues affecting our female leads, though there are points where the drama they undergo can feel a bit overblown. Presentation wise, the TV adaptation of Black Rock Shooter isn't much different from its OVA counterpart in showing the differing animation styles employed between the two parallel worlds, though this one is missing the differing musical styles employed in both worlds as the series decides to mostly employ suspenseful and light musical pieces for the various scenes that develop in both worlds. Minor issues aside though, this would be my preferred take on Black Rock Shooter as there is more time to focus on its story and characters compared to its OVA counterpart. If you have interest in wanting to check out an animated take on the BRS franchise, this would be the preferred adaptation I would recommend checking out.

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