Black Rock Shooter

Title:Black Rock Shooter
Black★Rock Shooter
ブラック★ロックシューター (Japanese)
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Originally created as a gothic character by the artist Huke, Black Rock Shooter (BRS) gained a life of her own when paired with a music video in 2008. Her popularity has spread, spawning an 1/8scale PVC figure series and it was announced in ANN that she will have her own anime series scheduled for spring of 2010.

The song's creator Huke and musical composer/producer ryo are collaborating with the anime company ↗Ordet on this project. While the "Black Rock Shooter" song uses Hatsune Miku's voice, the anime will not be directly about the Hatsune Miku character.

[source:↗Wikipedia and ANN]

For more info - see Moetron Article.

[OVA, 2010, 1 episode, 50 min; animation by Ordet.]

5min - BRS Music Video - YouTube Vid.
1:32min - BRS Anime Pilot - YouTube Vid.
See TV series spinoff: Black Rock Shooter TV.
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Watch 8 7 7 6 6 Ggultra2764 [series:2218#1552]
Black Rock Shooter appears to be a one-shot OVA that features a story that involves a developing friendship between two schoolgirls and a woman dressed in black named Black Rock Shooter fighting an enemy threat within a parallel universe. While both stories may seem unrelated, it is revealed as the OVA progresses that their connection is closer than you would think in a way that I won't spoil without ruining the plot considering its 50-minute run time. The presentation for the OVA is used to showcase the different worlds of the series with a conventional animation style and light piano pieces used to depict the real world, and a surreal animation style with heavy rock tracks accompanying many of the alternate world scenes. It's a decent time killer, but the story is simple as such that there isn't much that will have you coming back for repeat viewings.

Last updated Thursday, October 02 2014. Created Thursday, October 02 2014.
Watch 9 8 9 9 6 6 Dreamer [series:2218#2279]
The really cool artwork above (as of this review), is what drew me to this OVA. The artwork gave the sense of a gothic and dark anime with a really cool looking character. However....

Art, Animation & Character Designs
This was essentially an art & audio-fest. I almost want think it was purely illustrated for it's artistic merits and nothing more. Now i'm not saying the artwork was purely oustanding, but it was really well done and artsy... and with a slight hint of surrealism. Animation on the other hand, seemed jerky and with low frame rates. However, I get a sense that it was intentional as it adds to the feel or style of the artwork.

Being an OVA (as most OVAs go), there isn't an OP. As for the soundtrack, there was some nice light pianos.... almost felt like a light orchestra. And then we have a heavy metal piece during the alternate scenes... that I couldn't figure out what were about. For the most part, we have pretty good soundtrack with various scores that bring the animation to life. There's a really cool accoustic piece about 21 minutes into the OVA that was really catchy and almost worth picking up as an OST ( or single). The ED was right up my alley. It was a cool rock (maybe emo-rock) piece with male vocals and awesome guitar riffs.

Series and Episode Story
What the hell was this OVA about? Honestly, I have no clue even as I write this review. Here's what I do know.... We have two girls who become friends... almost to the point of bussom buddies. Then we have this strange alternate reality in which these two friends are fighting to the death.... so it seems. Rather, it's one of them "trying" to rescue the other from their failing relationship (friendship). However, what's with this "alternate" reality, this switch between the school life and this monochrome post-apocolyptic world in which our two friends are battling? Who is the strange 3rd person with giant metalic arms? By the end, none of these questions are answered and we get this really confusing statement at the very end "I am Black Rock Shooter". WTF???

Overall, I didn't understand this OVA for the most part. I felt it was nothing more than a promotional piece for something. I'm glad it was only a 1 episode OVA, otherwise this would probably have been my first dropped anime.

Last updated Tuesday, March 08 2011. Created Tuesday, March 08 2011.

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