Wake Up, Girls! Shichi-nin no Idol

Title:Wake Up, Girls! Shichi-nin no Idol
Wake Up, Girls! Seven Idols
Wake Up, Girls! 七人のアイドル
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Notables: ASANUMA Shintaro
A movie introduction to the Wake Up, Girls! TV anime series.

Aired January 10, 2014. Animated by Tatsunoko Productions and Ordet.
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Rent Stretch [series:2844#628]
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This was a fun story of underdogs struggling to accomplish something, which kept me thoroughly engaged for 52 odd minutes even though many 23 minute TV series episodes don't (and I watched a good deal of it mute due to technical problems). You can see where this is going--where it must go: only a change of heart by the disillusioned ex-Idol singer Shimada can turn these girls from six unexceptional individual singers into a seven person group with something special. But you don't mind, because this is storytelling done right, in a classic manner--not too simplistic and not too complicated. Shimada and Matsuda, the manager, are the main characters. Shimada left the Idol industry on unhappy terms, and Matsuda has been under the heel of a domineering producer, so you can sympathize with both. The few jokes were good--like where the group's name originated. I had assumed that this was a self-contained movie which did well, and therefore a TV series was added as an afterthought; it seems to tell a more or less complete and satisfying story. But apparently the plans were for the series all along, which ought to mean that the same teams made both and quality ought to be the same, which is good news. Even so, it's nice to watch a well encapsulated story with a happy and believable ending, which is what this was.

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Rent 9 8 8 6 6 Ggultra2764 [series:2844#1552]
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In what is probably a rare case for a new anime title, this movie serves as an introduction of the events to come for Wake Up, Girls! seven teenage girls trying to become a successful idol group for a struggling talent agency. It introduces the premise and you get to learn about the various upbringings of the girls making up the idol group. The mood for this is grounded and appears to be going for a "do your best" style storyline. Plus, the visuals for this are nicely animated with vivid color and detailed shots of scenery and character designs. Looking back on the film after having completed the TV anime, it serves as a solid introduction to the series that provides more depth into the challenges facing the girls in their rise as a pop idol group, even if its very premise is nothing groundbreaking.

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