Diabolik Lovers

Title:Diabolik Lovers
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Notables: HIRAKAWA Daisuke
KAJI Yuuki
R1 License - Sentai Filmworks (ADV)
Yui Komori's father moves abroad, so he sends her to live in a new town with the six Sakamaki brothers. When she arrives at their mansion, she discovers that they are vampires. They abuse her psychologically and physically, often feeding off her. While she optimistically accepts her situation, she unravels mysteries both of their past and her own.
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13 episodes
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Avoid 7 6 7 5 3 3 Ggultra2764 [series:2810#1552]
I would never imagine coming across a series that seems intent on having you hate all the characters involved within the series. Being based on an otome dating sim game, Diabolik Lovers makes a reverse harem out of our female lead living with a household full of vampires who think of her as nothing more but a blood bank to feed off of. As covered by Stretch, the vampires are complete scumbags to Yui as they inflict varying levels of physical and mental abuse to her at points and relish in being able to feed on her blood. Meanwhile, Yui can't take a hint that the vampires that she is staying with care little for her. The series drops hints at points of Yui having closer ties to the vampires that she becomes curious over. But this plot development does little to hook me into the series since there are no characters I could really care for due to how shallow or unlikeable they are. Not really sure what kind of audience that Diabolik Lovers is geared toward, but I can think of better quality vampire and reverse harem titles than this huge waste of time.

Last updated Thursday, May 14 2015. Created Thursday, May 14 2015.
Unevaluated Stretch [series:2810#628]
(One episode watched):

The vampires are total dicks (one of them refers to Yui as 'Bitch-chan') and the one 'discovery' Yui makes in episode one has nothing whatsoever to do with them. It was infuriating that the first 15 or so minute episode couldn't do anything more than heap torment upon Yui without giving so much as a hint of what potentially interesting direction the show might go. I could only speculate on my own: like maybe there would turn out to be something special about Yui that would protect her from the vampires, and she would find herself living uneasily with them since she has nowhere else to go? But nothing happened, no such twist was introduced. Practically all of the synopsis above is news to me even after watching the first episode. How anybody could find this stuff sexy or intriguing is beyond me. This seems like a show that was designed to appeal to guys who get a kick out of putting women down. Also, vampires for vampire's sake doesn't cut it with me, and I am finished with Diabolik Lovers.

Last updated Thursday, April 21 2016. Created Sunday, October 20 2013.

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